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  • Dead of the Night DVD Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    While the idea of Ghost Hunters in search of horror through a haunted house isn’t anything new, Dead of the Nite does a well enough job of blending the narrative with the found footage. The story is tight, very easy to follow and flows well through its 90 minute run time. more.
  • Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery! Blu-Ray Combo Pack Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    “Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery!” is a film fans of either franchise wouldn't and shouldn’t miss; it’s an awesome 1- 2 combo mixing everything you love about the WWE and Scooby-Doo into a fun-tastic film. more.
  • Rushlights DVD Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    I don’t know why, but I ended up actually watching Rushlights like three times – THREE! That’s unheard of for me. But damn that’s how good the story was. It’s a well thought out little drama that’s a bit clunky and under developed in some areas - going off the rails from the main story, but overall I was pleased with just about everything this film had to offer up... more .
  • Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo 32GB USB Review

    Posted by: Alacran screen4
    Kingston’s MicroDuo comes in very handy, especially for those with limited space on their portable devices. Sure you have sync cables and can back up to a desktop or laptop, but if you’re in a situation where you have access to neither and you’re running out of room fast, then the MicroDuo starts to make sense and it becomes the perfect “On The Go” accessory. more.
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