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  • The Conduit Movie Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    The Conduit is a fairly decent horror and that’s pretty much what kept me rooted to the film for the duration of its runtime, which was lengthy; the story is a bit all over the place and with a few edits here and there it could have been a lot cleaner. more.
  • Kholat PS4 Review

    Posted by: Blackice screen4
    Kholat at its heart is a first-person, atmospheric adventure based on a true life event, but in all the worse ways, it's just a walking simulator. There is no combat. There are no puzzles. There is, to an extent, no reason to think about anything you’re doing. There are collectibles scattered about, but that’s the bare minimum. Kholat starts out dumping you into an area with no explanation as to where you are or what direction to move in. more.
  • The Luxury Technology Show 2016 NYC Event

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    And we’re kicking off our events calendar for 2016 with one of my favorites – The NY Luxury Tech Event; when I first attended oh so many moons ago, there were two events a year. But this year the event has not only been scaled back in terms of how many shows are in NY area (by their schedule, it’s just one), but overall exhibitors weren’t as many from previous events. In short, the LTS felt much smaller than previous shows. more
  • Eden Lodge Movie Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    I don’t understand the need to add complications on top of an already complicated story. By that I mean, why do we need to deal with Adam and Rachel’s marital issues? It doesn’t really add anything to the story and it takes time away from building up the suspense, which the film sorely needs. more.
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