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  • Shadow Protocol iOS Review

    Posted by: Blackice screen4
    The crew at indie game developer Goodnight Games is back, after the success of Cutiebots, with their newest title: Shadow Protocol. It's a stealth action game that is focused on more stealth than action. I don't usually play mobile games but Shadow Protocol is my newest iOS addiction. more.
  • Finding Teddy 2 Steam Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    Finding Teddy 2 is a fun and unique game that offers hours of exploration and fun; the fun kicks in once you start piecing things together and it feels good when you can figure these things out on your own rather than having the game hold you by the hand. more.
  • The Culling DVD Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    The Culling is a straight up snoozefest; from the moment it starts to the very end, the film never builds up to anything remotely scary. Sure you get a few shadowy figures lurking in the backdrop and loads of creepy noises, but unless you’ve never sat through a horror film, then this wouldn’t creep you out even if you watched it with the lights out, at 2 AM, sandwiched between Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. more
  • Kensington 5200 Mobile USB Charger Review

    Posted by: Alacran screen4
    I used the Kensington 5200 power bank about eight times and performance wise I found it slow and lacking in what I needed; on long commutes, it took a lengthy time to charge my device, even though I get a decent charge out of it. Other than that nothing about the 5200 performance stood out. more.
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