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Clearvision Aspire Eyewear Collection NYC Event

Hey gang, Valkor here. In order to bring a little more diversity to the site and to bring things more towards a “lifestyle” beat, I’m gonna have to think outside the box and venture into areas I don’t normally tread. Last week, I got the chance to hang out with Clearvision, who were showcasing their latest lineup in eyewear – Aspire. And after checking out and trying on a few pairs, I have to say I was quite impressed and I think you guys will like it too.

Aspire Eyewear

The event, held at the Glasshouses in NYC, was shorter than what I’m used to – lasting roughly 2 hours. But it gave media, buyers and anyone else associated with the Clearvision brand a chance to experience their newest lineup in eyewear before heading towards the show floor of the “Vision Expo”, held at the Jacob Javitz Center. I didn’t attend the expo, but I might have to add it to my calendar for 2017. Back to Aspire and taken from the company’s press release:

Aspire Eyewear

Incorporating the latest in technology, advanced materials, and fashion, Aspire Eyewear is a colorfully captivating, aspirational collection for today's men and women. The Aspire brand is distributed exclusively through ClearVision Optical.

Offering a "barely there" feel and fit, while including features that enhance comfort, wearability and adjustability, Aspire Eyewear gives today's individualized consumers a fashionable eyewear statement that's on trend in every sense. Designs that transcend the ordinary.

Aspire Eyewear

Aspire Eyewear is created with SDN-4, a specially designed nylon material proprietary to the brand. Designed for the manufacture of extremely lightweight eyewear with exceptional thinness, the hypoallergenic SDN-4 material is incredibly strong and durable, offering shape memory, heat resistance, and will not fade in UV exposure. Using customized SDN-4 sheet material, Aspire frames are not injected, but created with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to produce unique shapes and endless color possibilities.

The entire Aspire collection was designed using 3D technology, significantly reducing prototype development from 20 weeks to 60 minutes in most cases. Using this innovative technology in its design process will allow the brand to quickly respond to emerging eyewear and experiment with inventive design options.

Aspire Eyewear

While the Aspire venue was small, there were many stands throughout the room, featuring an assortment of eyewear including glasses and sunglasses. Unfortunately, they weren’t labeled, but that wouldn’t have mattered since many of the glasses were moved from one stand to another. So, what of my impression of the Aspire after trying on several pairs? I was very impressed with each pair I tried on; almost all were lighter than what I’m used to and what I truly liked about Aspire eyewear was how well they fit my face. Normally glasses I buy for myself never fit right and usually, they fit small. But Aspire eyewear… fit perfectly. Not only do they fit right but they look damn good too.

Aspire Eyewear

Clearvision Aspire eyewear collection is available now for both men and women. I don’t know if I’ll be reviewing the set but I do know I’ll be investing in a pair or two. And if you’re interested in learning more about the collection, then click that logo to the right to discover more. And stay tuned as we’ll have more event coverage in the coming months.

Aspire Eyewear

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Clearvision Aspire Eyewear Collection NYC Event
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