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Behind Enemy Lines Colombia DVD Review

First of all, Happy New Year’s to all. Now your friendly neighborhood reporter is back with another wrestling fan movie. Now I know what your going to say wrestling movies or movies featuring wrestlers aren’t great right well let me just say just because you don’t think so let me explain something wrestling events usually sell a lot of tix and billions of people watch it so even if half those people go watch the movies it still does better than most movies now a days.

Behind Enemy Lines Colombia

Now back to the movie which is Behind Enemy Lines Colombia which is going straight to DVD featuring Joe Manganiello (Lt. Sean Macklin), Ken Anderson a.k.a Mr. Kennedy (pause) (pause) Kennedy (Master Chief Carter Holt) Yancy Arias ( Alvaro Cardona) Steven Bauer (General Manuel Velez) and Keith David (Commander Scott Boyford). USA gets word that there is a big shipment from Colombia and they want to find out if it’s weapons or just drugs. Meanwhile in Colombia we see Alvaro Cardona with his family just walking around and there is an explosion and it kills his wife and child more on this later. So USA sends in Lt. Sean Macklin and his team into Colombia and they walk into what seems to be a peace treaty, then all hell breaks loose and some Colombian Special Forces come in and kill everyone including some of the Americans and takes one captive. The Americans of course are blamed for it so to clear their names they have to rescue a POW and escape fighting their way out but launching an offensive against Colombian Special Forces won't be easy especially when they seem to know all there moves. At the end we find out that Alvaro was used and that the person behind killing his family was actually the man he was helping but I don’t want to ruin the entire movie for you so I won’t tell you who he was helping.

Behind Enemy Lines Colombia

The Good

The movie follows all the WWE films before in all the explosions which really make this movie a lot better. And the acting is actually good; they keep you into the movie. Mr. Kennedy (pause) (pause) Kennedy really does a good job in this movie and can really get you to believe that he is a Navy Seal. The cast as well was well thought of and the plot was actually good.

Behind Enemy Lines Colombia

The Bad

Unfortunately, even though the plot was good it was actually too predictable and on some parts was really drawn out and some parts not enough was shown. I was expecting a lot more fighting with Mr. Kennedy (pause) (pause) Kennedy, he is on the cover.

Behind Enemy Lines Colombia

The Ugly

Well it looks like another movie that really won’t make it big. I would watch this movie maybe one or two more times but then it will just be an afterthought. Nothing that really made me go, “Oh Shit that was great!”

Behind Enemy Lines Colombia

So in conclusion, definitely go buy this movie if you like WWE films or like the Behind Enemy Lines movies or just want to see Mr. Kennedy (pause) (pause) Kennedy in his first film because he will make more. I’m giving this movie 3.5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!! Peace up out!!!! Epic-1

Behind Enemy Lines Colombia


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Behind Enemy Lines Colombia DVD Review
The Good: lots of explosions, decent acting
The Bad: Too predictable
The Ugly: Can't watch it a second time.
TOV 5 star rating: 3.5 stars

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