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Boy Toy Movie Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. I really do enjoy covering film on the site and just by the number of reviews I’ve done, MediaView outranks any other section here. When I do get a film it’s usually of the drama, horror or action variety, but I really enjoy a good comedy. So film producers out there, let it be known, Valkor needs more laughter in his TOV life, mmmkay? Thankfully this next film up on the TOV chopping block, Boy Toy, temporarily fills that need and while it’s not the funniest film I’ve ever watched, I did get a few chuckles out of it.

Boy Toy Movie

Boy Toy is a romantic comedy that centers on Jake (John White), a down on his luck underwear model who is quite lucky with the ladies thanks to being “well endowed”. Unfortunately for Jake, pussy don’t pay the bills and his best friend/roommate Ronnie (Dov Tiefenbach) is tired of his freeloading shenanigans. Thankfully for the duo, their other friend Mouse (Vivian Bang) has an idea that will put Jake’s “talent” to financial use – they’ll pimp him out as an escort to lonely women. Problem solved right? WRONG! Following the playbook of most rom-coms, Jakey boy falls in love with yoga instructor Norah (Mircea Monroe), which is really bad for jake because he later discovers that the current woman he’s been boy toying it up with is actually Norah’s Mom Barbra (Morgan Fairchild). Jake’s dun goofed now, which not only puts his financials in dire straits but his love life as well. Think he can get out of it?

Boy Toy Movie

Of course he can and he does, just how exactly he does it… well you’ll have to check out the film for yourself. But I wanna say this: next to a Giorgio Serafini film, Boy Toy has a nice collection of gorgeous women including Vivian Bang’s Mouse, the ever perky Jeanie (Kaylen Davidson), and Helen aka Peaches (Elizabeth Daily), FYI, I can eat a peach for hours (10+ internetz for anyone who can get the reference) and finally Morgan Fairchild, who looks… magically delicious. Yea, she’d get it… balls deep. That’s right, I said it!

Boy Toy Movie

The Good:

Boy Toy is charming, sexy, entertaining and fun all rolled into one. It doesn’t serve up too many laughs, but it does lighthearted and playfulness well from start to end; there is literally never a moment where the film drags, even when it’s somber there’s still something tossed in that’ll make you smile. The jokes are evenly spread out and the pacing for a 90 minute runtime is on point – smooth like butter. The acting all around works and I felt that John, Dov and Vivian made for the perfect trio of best friends; if I were to hang out with anyone in this film and expect to have a good time, it would be with these three (Or Morgan Fairchild… just sayin). The threesome have a great onscreen rapport together and they play well off one another. Next is Morgan Fairchild, whose Barbra is a mean bitch, but she’s so wonderful to look at that you won’t even care that she’s a bitch. In the end, I had fun with Boy Toy, it’s so much sexy and what, what could possibly go wrong?

Boy Toy Movie

The Bad:

Not much actually and most what I’ll say will come across as nitpicking at best. For starterss, I felt the Jake/Norah relationship… kinda rushed. I know love can come out of nowhere, but those two just hit off way too quickly. I think it’s because Norah initially rejected Jake from the jump and that’s what kickstarted it, but does that mean they would end up together? That left me uncertain. I actually thought it would be Jake and Mouse who’d find love, but I’m not even mad that she ended up with Ronnie. Finally I wish there was more of Jake being a boy toy with crazy women. Those scenes, especially with the elderly woman… great stuff and the film definitely needed more of it.

Boy Toy Movie

The Ugly:


Boy Toy Movie

If you want to check out Boy Toy, you’ll have to do a little digging, but you should be able to find it on most digital services. Hopefully the powers that be behind the film put out a much broader release (especially a blu-ray), because the film is a whole lot of fun topped off with a hefty dose of sexy. Morgan Fairchild… you can have me. And with that, out of TOV 5 stars, I give Boy Toy a 4.

Boy Toy Movie

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Boy Toy Movie Review
The Good: Sexy and funny
The Bad: love connection too quick
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TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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