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  • Tequila Herradura Low-calorie Drink Ideas

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    It’s a new year and you know what that means? It’s time to make that resolution for a “new you”. We’ve all made the statement “this is the year I’m gonna hit the gym and shed the pounds” – I know I’ve done it. more.
  • Belvedere 007 Spectre Special Collector's Editions Vodka

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    On November 6th, the world will be treated to the 24th film in the James Bond theatrical run – Spectre. And returning to take on the lead role is Daniel Craig to play the man who loves his cars fast, his women loose and his Martini shaken, not stirred. And speaking of martinis and in conjunction with the new film, the folks at Belvedere Vodka have a special treat for the fans – two special, collector’s edition of their famous vodka based on the latest film. more.
  • Oxygen Plus O+ Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    Given the proposed benefits of using O+, I’d have to concur with it for the most part; never having used such a product prior to this and using O+ in different scenarios, I feel as though it works for what you would need it for. For me, I do get that feeling of increased alertness and clarity – clarity especially, because a few times when I know I want to write a review, I would hit a wall and my usual methods to get past it don’t always work. more.
  • Manhattan Moonshine & Three Hunters Vodka Drink Ideas

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    Valentine’s Day, for us guys, is the day we make a mad dash for the area shops to find the perfect gift to show that special someone just how much we mean to them. Usually it means flowers, candy and dinner, topping it all off with sex to seal the deal. Of course it’s more than that and each one of us spends the day differently. Most guys will keep the event indoors. And why not as you have more control over the situation, plus you’re that much closer to the bedroom. more.
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