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YouTube: Cute Him Up (CuteHimUp!) Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. You know, there was a point in my TOV existence where I wasn't into YouTube vids - not at all! I always thought it was full of mindless drivel of people doing goofy things or causing themselves bodily harm (I do enjoy the occasional nutshot vid though). However once I started to get into the groove of things, I began to accept it and along the way I discovered many interesting channels that I'll frequent. This latest channel was sent to me through email and while TOV doesn't always do "cute", I still gave Jess Zaino's makeover series "Cute Him Up!" or "CuteHimUp!" a chance and I found out a) there's always room for improvement and b) women will always attempt to try and change a guy. I say let them be... but why not a little change? Right?

Cute Him Up!

Take from her YouTube's synopsis:

Professional fashion expert Jess Zaino helps women whose guys are missing the fashion gene find a new look to knock their socks off. Each episode, Jess performs a full-frontal fashion checkup on a guy, then goes on a shopping blitz to find a stylish new outfit tailored to his unique personality and taste. Will he like it? Will she!? CUTE HIM UP! delivers the latest trends with drama and heart.

Cute Him Up!

So the series kind of reminds me of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" (anyone remember that series? Anyone?) minus the "Queer eyes"; guys are taken from their every day "slacker wear" and given a little... or a lot of sprucing. And yet through it all Jess injects a little flair into the atmosphere, with her bright smile and her infectious laugh you simply can't object to anything she says (and I'm OK with that). I'm digging on the series mainly because I can totally relate to the guys - they're all bros who are laid back, mellow, and prefer the comfort of a flannel shirt, sweatpants, sneakers and loose tops - that's me all-around! But as rugged as we are, there's always room for improvement and I like what Jess is doing, because she's pleasant yet very direct and she knows her stuff! And what she knows works out well for all the participants. The show is currently at six episodes and has a short runtime of roughly 5 minutes per episode. So short, sweet and to the point, topping it off with entertaining AND educational? I’m sold!

Cute Him Up!

Out of the six, there are two shows that I really enjoyed. First up is episode 3, which is a total Val favorite. Why? Because Mark starts out pretty rough with a little too much... just too much; however the end results shows the dude cleans up nicely and his new look is ready for prime-time. Episode 1 would be my next favorite... and it has absolutely nothing to do with the hotness of Ayako (for realz... ahem). But if she and Wally are attending events with Wally dressing the way he does? I'd say Jess, you've done good. I'm not judging (because I'm certainly not in any position to do so), but if events are "black tie", then play the role and look sharp. I hate wearing ties, but sometimes you just gotta do it. And when you get home you can tear that shit right off and get back to being mellow.

Cute Him Up!

But is change always a good thing? I'm a firm believer of accepting one for who they are (and even how they dress) and that means taking it all in no matter what. If a guy decides that on his lazy, relaxing, chillin, whatever you want to call it day, to dress how they like then they should be allowed to do so with no objections. I believe change is fine, but I don't believe in change for the sake of "molding someone to the way I want them to be"; to me that might be too extreme and that can get very frustrating. But in situations like Wally and Mark, two dudes who go out on professional outings looking a little "too chill", then yea Jess definitely stepped in at the right time. And hey, in the end I will concede that a little change never hurts anyone, even the Val-Man (I'm guilty of repeat-offending when I dress). My only hope is that these guys didn't toss out there chill-gear because that would hurt. Especially you Rafael (episode 5); your gear is pretty chill in my book, don't let anyone else tell you different... accept maybe your wife. I can't help you there broski.

Cute Him Up!

If you want to see more of Jess and her work, just click the logo to the right. Cute Him Up! is a great makeover series with loads of potentional and an awesome personality in Jess Zaino that's a real treat. I subscribed and I hope you do too. Also YouTube Serie reviews won't be graded, especially if I decide to do more in the future. Why? Simply because any show I feature is automatically A+ in my book.

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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YouTube: Cute Him Up (CuteHimUp!) Review
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