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Decay (2016) Movie Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. Way back in 2012, I reviewed a film called “Deadgirl”, which was probably one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever had to sit through. It's not as insane as “A Serbian Film”, but it’s up there. However, here we are, five years later, and I’m about to review another film that’s similar to Deadgirl… but without the zombie chick or zombie rape. So let’s take a look at “Decay”. Some spoilers ahead.

Decay 2016

“Decay” centers on a guy named Jonathan (Rob Zabrecky), who lives his life alone and with OCD issues. His only real human connections would be his neighbor and his co-worker, who likes to share his sexual exploitations. One day a couple of girls break into his home and upon Jonathan’s arrival, one stumbles, hits her head, and dies. When Jonathan goes to check out the body, the other girl sees him and thinks he killed her. She then runs off and is killed when she’s hit by a car. While Jonathan is able to deflect on the first girl's death, he still has to deal with the second currently in his home. Initially, he just keeps her buried. But he realizes during one of his chats with his coworker that he can use her to feel not so alone. And so begins Jonathan’s relationship with a dead girl. And while this does add a little light to his life, eventually the body starts to decay; and with it so does his mental faculties.

Decay 2016

In some sick and twisted kind of way, I was hoping “Decay” would be another “Deadgirl”; something I can get my friends to watch and wait for the hate text/calls afterward. However, Decay is definitely something different. And while it might not be a draw to some folks, I’ll give you a few good reasons to check it out in the TOV Breakdown.

Decay 2016

The Good:

“Decay” is a tragic, disturbing, yet a beautiful love story that really hits hard as it tackles the subject of one man’s loneliness. I actually felt bad for Jonathan and the situation he’s in, as he tries to form a relationship with a dead body. It grows even more disturbing as he starts seeing haunting images. In a way, Decay reminds me of “A Serbian Film” in how things grow increasingly chaotic as the film progresses. But that’s where the similarities end as Decay does a better job at telling its story without freaking me out completely. The pacing is slow, but this is a film you’ll want to tough it out until the end. Finally, I gotta give props to Rob Zabrecky, who does a mighty fine job of playing a guy whose predictable worlds gets flipped, turned upside-down by the introduction of a corpse. And while there are other performers involved, Rob all but carries the film to completion. Bravo good sir. Bravo. In the end, Decay is one film you might not be “dying” to see, but it’s certainly well worth checking out.

Decay 2016

The Bad:

There’s some pacing issues but not much else.

Decay 2016

The Ugly:

The body during its final stages of decay.

Decay 2016

Decay is available now on both digital and physical media. And if you’re looking for something new and different that won’t totally freak you out, then definitely give this one a try. I highly recommend it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving “Decay” a 4.5.

Decay 2016

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Decay (2016) Movie Review
The Good: Haunting, beautiful
The Bad: Some pacing
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars

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