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Foolproof DVD Review

Ace is on deck pulling out his deck of cards to review the action thriller Foolproof featuring Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Booth. This movie is directed by William Phillips.

The background of this thriller is Kevin (Ryan Reynolds), Rob (Joris Jansky), and Sam (Kristin Booth) practice being thieves. They do it for a thrill; not actually getting into the line of work. Kevin scopes out a business across the street to see their surveillance system for another practice wannabe thieves' session. The plan is kept in Sam's apartment and later on gets stolen. Leo (David Suchet), a big time crook that does heists, ends up using their plans as blackmail so he can pull for a huge heist worth a couple million dollars. Kevin, Rob, and Sam, with blackmail over there heads, prepare for the real thing as their lives are on the line. While preparing for the heist, it is revealed that Rob has decided to change his allegiance due to his admiration for Leo's work. Now knowing Rob's betrayal, it's up to Kevin and Sam to survive with their lives.


This movie has a simple plot. It is just wannabe thieves that get caught by a smart thief who wants them to steal a large sum of money. There is nothing complicated about the story for viewers to scratch their heads on what the hell happened. The acting in this film is definitely pretty good Ryan Reynolds and Joris Jansky especially do an especially good job in this film. Plus on top of everything else, it is filmed in Toronto. I love this city especially due to the fact that they filmed it around the area I stayed at.


Well, there is nothing really negative to point out. This film has nothing that screams out what the hell am I watching…..Its good from start to finish.




Foolproof is good straight to the point film and it doesn't feed any scientific bullshit in your head to confuse you. Ryan Reynolds is not really a good actor if you look at his body of work but in this film is where he shines because I can see people taking him a little more serious. Joris Jansky was good because he was a believable asshole; overall, not a bad film. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give the film a 4.


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Foolproof DVD Review
The Good: simple plot, ryan reynolds
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TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars
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