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Hot Tub Time Machine Review

Hello my fellow Epicians, It is I, your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1! So I was hearing all the buzz about Hot Tub Time Machine and decided to go and check it out. The film stars Adam, Nick and Lou (John Cusack, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry) three friends who grew up together and along with Adam's nephew Jacob (Clark Duke) decide they want to go to a ski resort all because Lou decides to kill himself, even though he denies it at first. The ski resort is the place that they had their best time ever 20 years earlier but when they arrive it is all run down. The four of them decide to go into the hot tub and while they are in it a Russian drink called Chernobyl spills on the wirings and they're sent back to the past. From a repairman (played by Chevy Chase), the foursome find out that they have to do everything the same way it happened in the past, which they attempt to do but a lot of things happen different. For instance, when Adam goes to break up with the one he let get away (The White Buffalo) she breaks up with him instead. Nick had a band and performed mediocre in the past but now with the knowledge of the future performs great. The four friends go through everything and Adam, Nick, and Lou become closer, make names for themselves, and change the future a little.

Hot Tub Time Machine

There are so many funny things that happen, but the best is when Lou and Nick decide to bet on the 1987 AFC championship game and lose. Lou has to blow Nick, Nick faints and when he wakes up Lou has soap on his face and makes Nick believe that he gave him a BJ. Then there is the fact that Jacob finds out who his dad is and finds out that his mom was somewhat of a slut in the past.

Hot Tub Time Machine

The Good

Hot Tub Time Machine as a whole is good but it's definitely not great. I must be missing something from what all the buzz about it. My favorite character is Nick (Craig Robinson) he's really good and when he sings the Black Eyed Peas song its funny. The cast's acting was well performed and the storyline is basic and easy to follow. The way they found out they were in the past was so hilarious especially asking what color is Michael Jackson. Then we have the waiting of the arm losing (you have to see it).

Hot Tub Time Machine

The Bad

Chevy Chase is in the movie and does not get used to his full potential. I know that he's old and some people don't want to see him, but he is a comedy icon and should be used so much better. Also the film could've been funnier.

Hot Tub Time Machine

The Ugly

Why in the hell do we have to see Lou's ass so many times it was bad enough seeing it once but over and over. And the ending was so predictable.

Hot Tub Time Machine

So in conclusion, Hot Tub Time Machine is funny but not what I expected; could have been a little funnier. HTTM receives 3 stars out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!

Hot Tub Time Machine


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Hot Tub Time Machine Review
The Good: Some laughs and good acting
The Bad: Needs more Chevy
The Ugly: Too much man ass
TOV 5 star rating: 3 stars
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