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Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Nintendo DS Review

Also available on the Wii and PC.

I had the opportunity to review a Nintendo DS game called “ Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward” from a company that I’ve never heard of called Oxygen Games (O-Games), which is based out of the United Kingdom. I have to admit when I first played Hysteria Hospital, I was a bit skeptical and wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. However as soon as I put it in my DS, it became quite addictive. There were time times I couldn’t put the game down; It would definitely keep you on your toes.

The game has a somewhat of a basic storyline. You just graduated from the University of California, you’re looking for a job as a nurse and it is very difficult to find one. Then you find an ad as a last resort and you get the job. Your main goal is to help the patients one by one and tend to their needs or else they’ll walk out angry. You must take care of a certain amount of patients and earn a certain amount of money; you also take care of the expenses, like buying new equipment and expanding the hospital. Luckily there are tutorials to show you what to do. You can play as a male or female nurse, whichever you desire. (Valkor’s Note: Desire????). In all there are over 60+ levels to play.

As far as gameplay goes, all you use is the stylus. The stylus is your main weapon so to speak. The only buttons that are actually functional is the start button and that’s just to pause. But sometimes you just have to be careful where you touch because it may cause you to move something you don’t want to or go somewhere you don’t need to. So basically the controls can be pretty sensitive, especially if you are racing against the clock. The top screen just shows your progress. But trust me you’ll be looking at the bottom screen the whole time.

The graphics in my opinion are very cartoonish. Not much really to say about it. You mostly have pictures on the top screen and small people that you move around on the bottom. The animation is pretty hilarious, especially when the patients get angry. There are a few tracks of music when it comes to audio, and the sound effects are some what mediocre with nothing but bleeps and such. Surprisingly there are actual voices in the game. The voices though are from the patients and you will usually hear a “Hey” when you move the patient around with your stylus.

Well I would have to give Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward 3 stars out of 5. It is a very fun game to play and pretty challenging that will keep you on your toes. So if you really like quick reflex games with a hospital theme, then pickup Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward.


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Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Nintendo DS Review
The Good: very addictive
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