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Interrogation Movie Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. It’s been awhile since I've sat behind the helm of MediaView; so I think it's time we do a little catching up. And to kick things off, we’re taking a look at a film from the WWE and Lionsgate called “Interrogation” starring Adam “Edge” Copeland. It’s not that good, but not terrible either, but is it really worth the trek? Read on and find out. Also, be aware of MAJOR spoilers ahead.


Interrogation centers on Lucas Nolan (Edge), who is an interrogator, brought into use his expertise against a criminal mastermind named Vasti (Patrick Sabongui). Vasti has set up a series of bombs around the city, and now it’s up to Lucas and his team to figure out their location. But Vasti won’t give up the goods that easily as he’ll put Lucas through a series of mind games. Thankfully, on Lucas’s side, he’s equipped with a photographic memory, storing all this information in his “memory house”, and recalling what he needs at the appropriate moment. This ability gives him “an edge” in deciphering Vasti’s cryptic puzzles to discover the location of the bombs. But here’s the twist – Lucas and Vasti are actually on the same side! The two are working together to score a huge payday that will see them set for life. And on a side note, we take a look into Lucas’s past and his relationship with his father.


I gotta give props to WWE for branching out from the wrestling scene and into films. And for the most part, they’ve seen some success, though I haven’t seen many of their films that I’d like. Though, my favorite would have to be Oculus, which was an insane ride as the film progressed. Interrogation has a similar flow, but it doesn't get as chaotic towards the end. And I’ll tell you why in the TOV Breakdown.


The Good:

Even though I felt it was kind of campy, I thought the first half of Interrogation works, with a few hiccups. What the film does best, which I truly enjoy, is how it jumps right into the action where Lucas and company face off against a wild gunman. Soon after we get Lucas facing off with Vasti’s mind games and I was all in! Copeland scores points in how well he handles the material; and I thought him staring off into space as he enters his memory house was a little funny, a little cheesy, but I get it and I’m OK with it. Sabongui also scores points for being clever yet sinister, making him one hell of an antagonist. Lastly, the fight scenes – I had to google what were Edge’s special moves and if we’d see any in the film as the fight scenes went from characters throwing punches, switching into wrestling moves. I almost expected Vince McMahon to pop out and start commenting on the matches. In the end, Interrogation isn’t a terrible film as it has its shining moments. But would it be a road I’d like to traverse again?


The Bad:

Not really and here’s the kicker – that twist ending is rather dumb. Wait, I’m jumping the gun here. I found the film to be all over the place, from Lucas and his peoples dealing with the bombs, mixing things up with the flashbacks into Lucas’s past. While I enjoyed how the film opened, I think it should have kicked off with Lucas’s past rather than seeing it sprinkled throughout. I get where it’s going, especially when you toss in the ending, but I didn’t care for it. Finally, the twist ending – now that was literally out of nowhere, and that’s a HUGE no for me. Come on, Lucas and Vasti working together all along? It doesn’t flow well with the opening narrative and I just tossed my hands up in defeat. Sorry, but that straight up sucked. I mean there’s no other I can say it. It sucked. I had to go and watch “Unthinkable” again to watch a GOOD interrogation movie because I wasn't feeling this one; at least not with that ending.


The Ugly:



If you’re a fan of WWE stars and would like to see more of them outside of the squared circle, then you might like “Interrogation”. But non-fans might want to look elsewhere. Overall, I didn’t really care for it and it’s not a film that warrants a return visit. So, out of TOV stars, I’m giving Interrogation a 2.


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Interrogation Movie Review
The Good: Pretty good start, some action
The Bad: The flashbacks and that twist
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 2 stars

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