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Jackery Giant+ Portable Battery Review

If you’re in need of long term power supply or like me in need of a portable charger for my commute that doesn't need to be charged every day, then you might be interested Giant+ by Jackery; it’s the largest external rechargeable battery currently on the market with 12000mAh and up to 260Hrs of operation time. It’s designed to extend your Android device by 200% and your iPhone by 500%. This heavy duty charger is in a league of its own with dual USB ports dishing out 5V-3A while still being a moderate size container. The Giant+ is the latest in the Jackery power supply stable and while it maintains a lot of similarity to its predecessor the Giant and the Fit, the big difference is the Giant+ delivers an additional 2000mAh and 100 Hrs. more of operation time. Another difference is the color options is limited as the Giant+ only comes in a metallic black.

Jackery Giant+

Figuring out the basic functions is pretty simple - a 3 bulb Led will show an estimate of how much power you have, with each led representing 1/3 of battery life. Next to the LEDs is a single button; tap once to show how much power is left and a double tap will turn on/off a mini LED flashlight which at full charge will last up to 700 hours. Next to the Flashlight is two USB out-ports (Dual Simultaneous Charge) and one Micro USB In-port. The aluminum exterior is a great heat sink and offers durable protection while not adding to the weight.

Jackery Giant+

Now what makes this charger perform is the Grade A Samsung battery cell alongside premium microchips to maintain long and high quality battery life; the microchips are part of a 4 layer protection circuit that will deliver consistent performance during charging and recharging, this allows the giant to do a full cycle recharge over 500+ times; in other words it can be brought down to zero 500+ times and charged full with no problems. Another part of this system is the Power lock Technology, which means after a full charge the Giant+ can sit up on the shelf for 6 months and still deliver a consistent charge.

Jackery Giant+

Charging the Giant+ does take some time. I can’t tell you that it takes more or less than 10 hrs, because every time I charged it I would do it overnight. But in the morning it was fully charged and ready to go. I’ve used it on long rides on my commute and it does perform as promised. The only thing is that while it’s pocket sized, it’s too heavy to put in your pants and walk around. I preferred keeping it inside my backpack where weight wasn’t a factor. Do note that using a Single USB port the output is 5V/3A when using both ports at the same time the output drops to 5V/2.1A – 5V/1A. If you have a long trip on an older model plane with no outlets, believe me this comes in handy

Jackery Giant+

The Bang:

Jackery’s Giant+ is a great addition if you’re going on long trips or even a short commute. It fits right in small pocket of any bag and charges when needed. Jackery claimed 200% on android devices and that was very true as I was able to charge 3 times from 0 to 100% without having to recharge the device. The key features that I really like is the standby time of 6 months and the flash light makes it essential when your power goes out or your car is dead on some dark and lonely road. I personally think this is also a great addition to any emergency/survival kit or when you’re out camping. You never know when you need a flashlight and or when you’re in need of some extra juice in an emergency situation.

Jackery Giant+

The Slack:

The only suggestion I would have is if it were water proof it would be perfect. This has a lot of great attributes for survival applications but it would also be helpful if it had some protection against my cup of coffee.

Jackery Giant+

I’ve used Jackery’s Giant+ for about two weeks and its performance has been consistent. While it is pocket size it’s a little heavy to carry around. But other than that it’s great to have a power option that can not only charge my phone but multiple items at the same time. The Jackery Giant+ is blackout/Zombie apocalypse ready and out of TOV 5 stars I give it a 5.


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Jackery Giant+ Portable Battery Review
The Bang: Supplies much power!
The Slack: needs to be waterproof for... reasons
TOV 5 star rating: 5 stars

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