Little Hercules in 3-D DVD Review

Friends, Epicians, lend me your ears!!! It's your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1 and I'm back!!! This time I come to you with Little Hercules featuring the entire Hogan family - before the messy divorce. We have Terry "Hulk" Hogan as Zeus the father of little Hercules (Richard Sandrak). So Little Herc sneaks away to earth while his father is arguing with Marduk (Paul "Big Show" Wight) about which is better: Mt. Olympus or Babylon? During his adventures he becomes friends with Curtis (Marc John Jefferies) a young kid whose mother, Dana (Robin Givens) is trying to find Mr. Right. Curtis and Hercules get into trouble with the bully in the movie XX (Nick Hogan) who tries and make's Hercules life a living hell. Hercules then goes to school with Curtis where we find out that the place is closing. The Dean of the school, Kevin (Judd Nelson) has had the place in his family for years and wants to have the school win the last track and field meet a win along with the coach. The movie goes on and of course Hercules wins everything but then is challenged by Marduk and Kintaro (Daniel Lue). While on earth Hercules has to decide if he wants to stay human or stay a god. His step mother Hera (Diane Venora) tries to convince him to stay so her real children can become the next in line for the kingdom after Zeus. At the end we see what Hercules decides and what Zeus decides for him. I guess even in the movies Hogan Knows Best (lol). The film also has a quick segment with the secretary of the dean who is played by Linda Bollea Hogan and also a dance for the kids which feature Robin (Brooke Hogan).

Little Hercules

The Good

Have you ever watched a movie that was so bad it was good, well my friends this is it. I should really hate this movie but it actually kept me interested. The story stays almost true to Greek Mythology only with a present day twist. Little Hercules also features narration of the story by Elliot Gould who also plays Socrates. Excellent job narrating.

Little Hercules

The Bad

The movie in a whole is pretty bad, oh yea did I forget to mention that it is in 3D. The reason for this is I felt better watching it without the 3D glasses. Even though the fight scene in the beginning was cool the rest of the movie really doesn?t need it.

Little Hercules

The Ugly

What happened to the Hogan family? If they can make a movie like this and survive, why in the blue hell can't they survive a little fight, a little car crash, and a little jail sentence?

Little Hercules

So in conclusion, what you gonna do? When the Hulkamania and Hogan family come to your DVD player in Little Hercules? Watch this "so bad it's good movie" and realize that no matter what Hogan does it will be seen. I'm giving this movie 2 out of 5 stars.

Little Hercules
There can be only one!


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