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Collider Movie Review

The main question that needs an answer is: what was the point of it all? Samantha goes back to the past to save her family and her future, only to be captured by C.I.D.

Venom (2018) Movie Review

At the start of this piece I called the Venom film an “enjoyable mess”. And that’s exactly what it is! The story is all over the place, but at its heart is Eddie Brock’s story of how he’s taken down as a reporter only to rise up as this head-munching, too many teeth and a long tongue of a symbiote beast that’s also a hero to all of mankind.

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Larceny Movie Review

Larceny, in short, is a boring and uneventful film; what kills it for me is how Capitan doesn’t show any sense of urgency after his drive, with all of his important information stored on it, is stolen.