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  • Ultimate Justice DVD Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    Ultimate Justice is all kinds of awesome packed inside of 94 minutes! Right from the jump, things kick off with an intense rescue that sets the stage for the rest of the film. The film is not as fast-paced as I’d have liked, but it is very well balanced and evenly paced that things never grow dull. more.
  • Justice League Movie Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    Long story short, “Justice League” was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time with a DCEU film. Sure, Wonder Woman was great and I’ll still rank it highest amongst the DC films. But JL was way more entertaining filled with a buttload of action and a ton more laughs than I would have expected. more.
  • Death on Scenic Drive Movie Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    My first issue with the film is with the pacing as some scenes stretch on way longer than they should. If it were for building up tension then I’d rethink that and maybe knock off a minute here and there. Next, I’m still not sure about Larissa becoming "Death". Consider the fact that the entity that shows up doesn't come out and say he's Death. more.
  • Armed Response DVD Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    "Armed Response" feels like a film that’s being made up as it goes along because it would appear as though the pieces don't exactly fit. Here’s what I mean: things kick off with Gabriel and his daughter, which you think will play some role in the film at some point, however, it’s never touched upon again. more.
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