Miranda Lambert Kerosene CD Review

Hey folks Valkor here. We here at TOV take pride in being the first in bringing you the best in great new artist, authors, and movies. Hey if it's new we try to get our mitts on it first. Sometimes new artist literally appear out of thin air to us, like Thalisha, and we go with it, giving much praise if possible. So what do I do when someone GIVES me a CD, says give it a try you'll like it, and I'm stuck with the decision of sampling it or making it my coaster? If I didn't at least try it, well it would ruin the reputation of being one who loves variety and trying new things. And I am glad that I stuck with my guns on this one. I'm not a big fan of country music and I can count on both my hands just how many country songs I like plus toss in a big fat zero to how many country albums I actually own. But hands down I am glad to add Miranda Lambert's "Kersosene" album to the Val-caves music station.

Miranda Lambert Kerosene

With a face that reminds me of the Olsen twins (Hey you guys look at her and you tell me there isn't some resemblance), a voice that sounds so much like a young Dolly Parton, and a delicious body to bring it all home, Miranda Lambert is coming out and showing the world of country what she's made of. Born and raised in Texas, this 22 year old is on her way to fame with a smashing debut that has the Val-cave stomping to her groove. Can I use groove to describe country music? Why not, it's my review! Right away the first song "Kerosene" gets things going, however the sound is kind of country cliché to me (too many guitar riffs for my taste). But it's the lyrics and the voice that makes you want to continue listening. Miranda's voice is strong yet sensitive and enjoyable. It hits you in the gut and then pats you on the butt to say "let's keep this party going". "What About Georgia", the second track on the album is ok to, but it sounds too much like the first song. But the BEST song of the Album hands down, bar none is "Greyhound Bound for Georgia". By the end of the song, the tears were trickling. Just imagine yourself with your lady, holding her in your arms and swaying to the sounds of this track. It's superb. The rest of the album keeps things flowing nicely, though some songs are a little "too country" for me. However, "There's a Wall" is another strong track that really gets inside your gut and makes you feel just how powerful a singer Miranda really is. Overall, it's a fine first effort, with a mixed bag of hits and misses, with the hits overpowering them all.

Miranda Lambert Kerosene

I bet you wanna know about them misses huh? Ok I'll admit I wasn't smitten with the title track (reasons above), "Me and Charlie Talking" is another song that just doesn't flow right with me. I mean it's nice, but eeeehhhhh... And that's it really. I love the rest of the album; hands down I give mad props to Miranda on her debut CD. I know country is not something most people will willingly go out and try let alone buy, but at least head on over to Miranda's official site: www.mirandalambert.com and try out some of her music for yourself. Miranda Lambert's "Kerosene" is available now and it's been Valkor tested, TOV approved!

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