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Night Job Movie Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. The new year of 2017 has been a bit of a rough start for yours truly, as I kicked things off with a case of the flu. But now that I’m just about over it, it’s time we get things moving into high gear around these parts. And we’re starting things off with MediaView and a new film titled “Night Job”, which has a taste of “Clerks”, but not enough of its charm. Is it still worth checking out? Let’s find out. Beware of spoilers.

Night Job Movie

“Night Job” takes place all in one night, in the lobby of a high-rise apartment building, in the city of New York. And it mainly focuses on a “fresh out of training” doorman named James (Jason Torres), who is a last-minute fill-in as the usual night doorman has called out sick. Little does James know, he’s in for one heck of a ride as a slew of crazies is headed his way; you’ve got your drunks, a DVD bootlegger who is actually a pretty cool guy, a couple of battling neighbors, battling lovers, and a wide assortment of characters that come across his path. On a side note, James has something of a personal issue with a girl named Rosie, whom we don’t get to meet but it would appear he has a thing for her. Unfortunately, according to his friend, she only wants a guy who is a bit more forward than James is willing to be. There’s even a dream sequence of him being that type of guy, but even that doesn’t end well as he’s awakened right at the good part. Will James ultimately make it through the night? He will, but he won’t make it unscathed.

Night Job Movie

“Night Job” definitely feels like “Clerks”, but it has more of a classic noir feel to it as the film is mostly shot in black and white, with a bit of a slow, jazzy beat in the background. I will say this, while James does appear to be the “Dante” of the film, he does need more of a “Randall” to break up the monotony a bit. I’m not saying that as a negative towards the film, because what goes down is pretty funny, all I’m saying is, James needs someone to play off of his “straight man”. And maybe more Romeo (Greg Kritikos) would have helped.

Night Job Movie

The Good:

Having worked an overnight shift in a supermarket, I totally get where this film is coming from. And the situations I faced weren't always all that comical. But I've had my share of zany nights! And I have to say, “Night Job” does a splendid job of capturing such moments through the eyes of a newbie doorman. The situations James has to deal with would have most folks running for the hills, but James handles it like a champ. That is until that final scene (not a negative, you’ll have to watch and see). The story plays out very smooth, very mellow, and it’s easily the type of film you can just “chill” with. I honestly thought I'd be bored midway. However, the cast of characters that James comes across definitely keeps things interesting. The acting isn’t the greatest as there were no real stands out for me, but what’s present is enough to carry the film towards the finish. Actually, let me take that back. I thought Bettina Skye’s “Stella” brought in a wonderful taste of real that’ll leave you contemplating about life when her scene passes. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m taking that line about “sleeping around” to heart. Regardless, while “Night Job” won’t have you holding your sides from gut busting laughter, it’s still pretty entertaining, with its share of laughs. And should it cross your path in the midnight hours, don’t let this one pass you by.

Night Job Movie

The Bad:

While the film isn’t perfect, there isn’t too much wrong with it. And anything I say from here on would be nitpicking at best. I mean I’ve gone there before, but I don’t have to if I don’t really need to.

Night Job Movie

The Ugly:


Night Job Movie

While there’s no digital or physical release date available as of yet for “Night Job”, I’ll update this piece when that information becomes available. Or you can keep watch on the official page by clicking that logo on the right. But as it stands, “Night Job” is a solid, entertaining and fun first attempt by J. Antonio and crew, and I look forward to seeing more of his works in the future. So, out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving “Night Job” a 4.

Night Job Movie

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Night Job Movie Review
The Good: Nice little comedy
The Bad: Not much really
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TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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