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  • Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    Testing out the Wedge was something very different and yet it was a whole lot of fun. It excels in increased comfort, deeper penetrations and maneuverability. It also helps to take a lot of pressure off the body – especially from the woman, making the experience that much more enjoyable for both. more.
  • Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody DVD Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody has done what many films of its kind have done before it – create a film that stays true to the source, while remaining sexy and fun. There's a bunch of catchphrases and memorable scenes that fans of the original can appreciate, plus tons of sex to make it all worthwhile. more.
  • Vulva Original Review

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    I have to say its spot on perfect, I loved it! It's a sweet yet tangy blend of a vag that's about to get munched and/or plowed. God I would have loved to have been around as they were testing this product, because you just know they had a hot chick for comparison purposes with some dude triple dippin, because that's pretty balls-on accurate (pun intended).more.
  • PerfectView: The Women of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Posted by: Valkor screen4
    If you’re a fan of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” aka the “MCU”, then you should be quite familiar with one of its side shows that’s about to enter its 3rd season – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’ve been following the show since its premiere and I haven’t been disappointed since. more.
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