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PerfectView - Jeri Ryan

Hey gang, Valkor here. And let me just say to one an all a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, a happy new year, and happy any other holiday you guys may celebrate. I hope I covered all my bases, because I ain't going back - we can only go forward! To bodly go where no man has gone before! OK, some dude is gettin in between the sweet mammaries of Star Trek: Voyager "Jeri Ryan" aka Seven of Nine, it just ain't me. But I ain't even mad because we can still appreciate her stunning beauty, which still holds up even today. Remember the first time she walked on screen? Was I the only one that took a knee and thanked the stars above for such an angel? Just me? Ok moving on. You can see "more" of Jeri as she tackles a third season in hit TV series "Body of Proof" and for you gamer fans, let's hope she makes a return in season two of hit web series "Mortal Kombat: Legacy". Until then, how's about we let these sweet Jery Ryan pics and vids ride us out into the new year, shall we?

Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan

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PerfectView - Jeri Ryan
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