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PerfectView - Ai Takahashi

Hey gang, Valkor here. Not as late as I was last round, we're back with another sexy round with PerfectView. This month rests Valentines Day and while many of men are gearing up to satisfy there women folk on that special day, why not sneak in a little visual treat just for yourself? Oh that's a little bif of a lie because I'm hooked on Japanese women, no doubt and while I do each PV with the site visitors almost every time, when it comes to Japan... that's all me baby! Ai Takahashi is a jpop performer who caught my eye when I was searching the interwebs for anime tracks to add to my playlist. And trutheshly after finding her? I haven't stopped rockin out since. A former member of jpop group Morning Musume and Hello! Project, she's currently doing stage performances but her and Morning Musume are tearing it up on my MP3 player. I'm lovin the sound and most def lovin what I'm seeing. Gorgeous!

Ai Takahashi

Ai Takahashi

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PerfectView - Ai Takahashi
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