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PerfectView - Toni Braxton

Hey gang, Valkor here. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I'd take things to a whole new "sultry" level and put on the board the sultriest of divas there has ever been - Toni Braxton. I won't lie, I fell in love with this songstress ever since her debut album and since then the woman has never put out a bad song – at least none that I could see. I know she fell off and started doing stuff in Vegas, but there can be no doubt Toni Braxton has one of the strongest, sexiest voices in the industry. Two songs really sold it for me - "Love Should Have Brought You Home Last Night" (from the Boomerang soundtrack) and "You're Making Me High" from the "Secrets" album. The first one is just so powerful and the second... mmmmm just so sexy! Right now she's got a few things on her plate such as a Broadway musical, there's her reality TV show "Braxton Family Values" and a new book "Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir" coming out a in a few months. Until then, take a gander at some of my personal favorite vids and some sexy, sultry pics; you want to make Valentine's day extra special? Make sure you add a few of Toni's beats to the mix.

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton

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PerfectView - Toni Braxton
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