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Piggy DVD Review

Piggy DVD Hey gang, Valkor here. And we’re taking MediaView to the other side of the pond, where we check out the latest flick from the UK. British films have been hit and miss with me, mostly hits, with Eden Lake leading the pack as one of my favorites. But after watching Piggy DVD, I think I may have just found a replacement. Read on, minor spoilers ahead.

Piggy DVD

Piggy centers on Joe (Martin Compston), a simple guy living his life day to day, dealing with severe society anxiety and does his best to steer clear of confrontational situations. His world gets flipped upside-down when his beloved brother John (Neil Maskell) is brutally murdered. Enter Piggy (Paul Anderson), who claims to be an old childhood friend. The two form an instance bond but then things spiral out of control as Piggy takes Joe hunting – for the men who killed his brother. This isn’t just a film about revenge; “Piggy” also looks into the depths of the human psyche as we follow Joe from point A of his social awkwardness up to point B when he finally realizes his potential. It also takes a look at two opposing forces fighting over the same soul. Does Joe walk away from Piggy and follow in his path of destruction? Or does he go back to a life most miserable? All answers are revealed with an ending that will have you reeling.

Piggy DVD

Right before I loaded up Piggy, I first checked the runtime; it isn’t something I normally do, but given the content, I was curious to see how far this one stretched out. With a runtime of 100 plus minutes, I was instantly turned off and almost – ALMOST took a pass on this one. Needless to say, I was glad I stuck it out.

Piggy DVD

The Good:

If you enjoyed Fight Club, then you’ll get a kick out of Piggy, which follows along similar lines without going to the extreme, though at times it can get just as brutal. Piggy is a dark, disturbing and intense thriller that really draws you into the world of Joe, his trials and tribulations and the outcome of his actions with Piggy. The plot is thought provoking but also very easy to follow. After the last bunch of films I’ve sat through, it’s really nice to watch something that’s deep and truly character driven. Watching Joe’s evolution from timid mouse to ferocious beast was a trip and felt so real. One can truly empathize with all that he went through. But his true testament to how far he has come is when he makes the ultimate decision after facing off against Piggy. That ending… wow! Because it’s open, many might not like it, but I found it to be a satisfying end to a well thought out film. While the runtime gave me a bit of a start initially, I was surprised to find that the film was beautifully paced; I guess it goes to show that if you have a combination of a great script and direction, plus amazing actors, you’re gonna get something that you can sit through and enjoy. Speaking of performances, Martin Compston and Paul Anderson’s acting were amazing! It’s very reminiscent of Norton/Pitt in “Fight Club”, right down to their appearances and mannerisms; I'm not saying they're exaact copies, but they look very similar to one another and that's not an insult. if these guys could get nominated for an Oscar here in the states… I believe they would walk away with the gold, especially Anderson, who's character gives me the chills whenever he's on screen.

Piggy DVD

The Bad:


Piggy DVD

The Ugly:

Seeing this one guy get his throat sliced… oh wow!!!

Piggy DVD

If you want your shot at Piggy DVD, you’ll have to import it, but it’s so worth it – it’s a compelling, brutal tale with amazing performances that makes this title a definite pick up. Here’s hoping for a stateside release, but until then, out of TOV 5 stars, Piggy gets the gold 5 stars perfect!

Piggy DVD

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Piggy DVD Review
The Good: Brutal, compelling, well performed
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The Ugly: That neck slice
TOV 5 star rating: 5 stars

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