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Redemption DVD Review

This movie takes us back to the Wild West, right after the civil war, to a town called Redemption. We follow a young man by the name of Frank Harden (Dustin James) who enters this town looking for something or someone who we later find out is a young Mexican girl by the name of Angelina; they changed her name to Sally (Ash Morgan). Harden finds out that a man known as General Adams (Sandy Gibbons) who is in charge of one set of bad guys, has her working for him as a whore and decides to kill him (Adams). But Frank gets sidetracked by Tills (Clint James), who is in charge of the Dixie Boys, the other set of bad guys, who asks why he is there and offers Frank 10,000 dollars to kill Adams. Frank says he’s not doing it for the money and that Adams will be dead. Adams captures Frank and puts the Doctor (John Durban) on him, cutting him up (great scene). While all this is happening we see another man named Black Hand a.k.a. the Apostle (Tom Noga) who’s told about what happened in Redemption, how a young Mexican girl was taken and her entire family murdered. The catch here is that Black Hand is actually a priest and believes he’s doing the work of God. Black Hand acquires the services of an Indian tracker by the name of Black Feather (Grady Hill) to help him find the killers. Frank goes on a killing spree killing everyone in Adam’s camp, goes to Tills and tells him he wants the money promised him… and gets denied. Frank gets shot by a messenger named Olsen (Isaac Farm) and helped by another whore who is intrigued by him, named Jenny (Candy Stanton). He finds out that Sally was captured by Tills, goes after him, kills most of the people, and then gets shot. Enter the Apostle, who kills everyone in a blink, and only Tills is left. He goes to shoot and Frank, with his last effort, kills him out of nowhere. The Apostle then goes and kills Frank and says “you’re delivered to him by the man who gave you life.” That’s right the Apostle was Frank’s father. (Valkor’s note: DOH!!!!)

The Good

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat; this is what a western should be, lots of action, blood, and yes even nudity. The story and scenery shots are great and the actors really make you feel like you’re in the Wild West (Yee Haw).

The Bad

Nothing really bad, just wish we had more time with the Apostle, who was great.

The Ugly


So in conclusion, put on your cowboy hats, saddle up, and get your six-shooter ready, this film is a hit!!! I’m giving Redemption 4 stars (out of TOV 5) and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!! Peace up out!!!


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Redemption DVD Review
The Good: suspenseful western
The Bad: Need more Apostle
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars
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