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Run! Bitch Run! DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. Does anyone remember the film "I Spit on Your Grave"? It's a 70's revenge flick where a woman enters this new town, makes friends with the local boys, gets raped by the local boys, and then gets revenge on em in a most gruesome manner? Well the folks behind "Run! Bitch Run!" sure remembers that film and has made a film in honor of it, putting their own spin on the tale. And yea, it's exactly what you would expect and then some.

Run! Bitch Run!

Cheryl Lyone plays Catherine who along with her schoolmate Rebecca (Christina DeRosa) are in a small town selling religious wares for their catholic school. All roads leads them to the house of Lobo (Peter Tahoe), who resides along with his coworker, partner, compadre, whatever, the stuttering Clint (Johnny Winscher) and whore Marla (Ivet Corvea). Oh and by the way Lobo and crew are stone-cold killers. The night before, Marla offed a naked fat guy because he didn't care for the way she was responding to him "giving it to her". But on the day the two girls show up, Lobo had just killed one of his girls Karla (Patricia Grant) for stealing some drugs. Catherine and Rebecca try to escape but are stopped by Clint and brought into the house (And somehow Rebecca is bloody in the face). The two girls are held as hostage by Marla while Clint and Lobo go and get rid of the dead Karla. But during their "alone time" Rebecca is killed. When Lobo and Clint return to see what has happened, they take Catherine out into the woods where she can try and gain her freedom by playing Clint's game and also to bury Rebecca. But that doesn't go well at all as Lobo captures and rapes her, leaving her for Clint to finish the job. Catherine somehow escapes Clint's clutches (he's got a thing for Catholics as you will see in the flick), falls on some rocks and to Clint it appears she's dead.

Run! Bitch Run!

But Catherine goes on to live, recoups in a hospital and then the revenge begins. And believe me it's gruesome. Just how gruesome? The first guy she comes across is a pimp who is trying to turn her out, but she uhhhh… just watch the film and you'll see why I was left clutching my bobbit after that scene. And mind you that's not the worst of it!

Run! Bitch Run!

The Good:

First and foremost, to the producer and director of "Run! Bitch Run!", You've nailed in every way shape and form that which made "I Spit on Your Grave" a cult classic and this film should be placed alongside it. Call it a sequel, call it "showing" respect, call it what you want, but I call it a cult classic hit! The acting is cheesy but works, there's breast and nakedness about, and the look and sounds of the film screams 70's cheese, which is a good thing. I also wanna give major props to Cheryl Lyone for her portrayal of Catherine, the virgin, catholic school girl turned gruesome killer… with just cause. I mean an amazing job and very believable during her and Lobo's uhhhh "scene". Props also go to Ivet Corvea who is just plain scary and let me just say I will never look at a plunger the same way again. Peter Tahoe also deserves some mad respect for his role as Lobo; he's not overly sinister but he's no softy either and damn even though he's the bad guy, he's still so damn cool. Finally the ending… I can't even mention it, but with the respect to "I Spit on Your Grave" I'd say they nailed it and trust me it doesn't end with a bobbetizing. Oh and before I forget, did I mention there's tons of naked breast in this pic? Yea, it's about damn time!

Run! Bitch Run!

The bad:

There's some pacing issues as there are scenes that either go on too long or just unnecessary, like Lobo taking a long piss, or Clint watching his catholic porn. I mean it's stuff that's so not needed, but it doesn't completely take you out of the picture.

Run! Bitch Run!

The ugly:

The ending… oh boy!!!

Run! Bitch Run!

Overall Run! Bitch Run! Does what it sets out to do and that's pay homage to 70's revenge flick such as "I Spit on Your Grave" and makes it its own film. It's raw, it's gruesome, it will make you cringe. Trust me! Get some friends together and watch this movie. So out of 5 TOV stars, I give "Run! Bitch Run!" 3.5 stars and it's been Valkor tested and TOV approved.

Valkor out!

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Run! Bitch Run! DVD Review
The Good: Great take on a 70's classic
The Crazy: Some pacing
The Ugly: the ending... and what an ending
TOV 5 star rating: 3.5 stars
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