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Shoot the Duke DVD Review

Hello my fellow Epicians, It's your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1!!! As I keep pumping out these reviews for all of you I come across some bad ones and some good ones. This next film, Shoot the Duke, is the good one.

Shoot the Duke stars Stephen Baldwin as Max Rockinsky a cop trying to protect Johnathan Mardukas (Sanjay Shihora) aka The Duke. The Duke was an accountant for the mob, one man in specific Joe Benuso (Thomas Heinze). The Duke decides to give up all this information about Benuso, the rest of his crime family and dirty cops. Right off the bat we know the Duke was shot in the head by Benuso's goons Harry (Kostas Sommer) and Frank (John Friedmann) but Benuso wants to know if the Duke is dead and they can't answer. Benuso tells them they have one hour to find out or he'll send in the cavalry; first up is Konrad Von Klaft (Axel Wedekind) a man who, as we see, likes to keep himself clean because every time he gets shot he cleans it up, sows himself back up, then he fixes his hair, puts on his blazer and tie, then goes after everyone again. Then we have the Kazaramov brothers (Ron Matz & Christian Blietz) who are, according to there sister, deaf and dumb. And let us not forget the eye candy of the movie Olga Kazaramov (Nina Kristin). So all these killers are sent to this hospital where Max's wife, soon to be ex-wife, Patricia (Bettina Zimmermann) works, and did I mention she is pregnant and Max doesn't know if it's his. So we have all these people in one hospital. Add to that one rookie doctor, Will (Matthias Dietrich) that gets the bullet out of Duke's head, then gets caught in the middle of all the mayhem and you have a funny, action packed good film. The film goes on with eventually The Duke and a bunch of people dying and at the end we find out if the baby is Max's or as he said another sperm donor.

The Good

Shoot the Duke was definitely a surprise to me. No disrespect to Stephen, but I don't like most movies that the Baldwin brothers are in. This film though is really good, the comedy between Harry and Frank and then Harry and Will is hilarious. The story line is very well put together and the acting was very good.

The Bad

There was definitely not enough of the eye candy, Olga. The ending was ok but it could've been better; I really was expecting something funny at the end with Will and Harry. Oh and by the way did I mention not enough of the eye candy Olga?

The Ugly


So in conclusion, go out, get "Shoot the Duke" and be surprised on how good it is. I'll definitely be looking for something else maybe with some more Olga if you know what I mean. Out of TOV 5 stars I'm giving "Shoot the Duke" 4 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!

Peace up out!!!

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Shoot the Duke DVD Review
The Good: Action, story
The Bad: Not enough Olga
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars
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