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STM Impulse Backpack Review

At first glance, the low profile of the STM Impulse backpack made me wonder: how are all of my things are going to fit within what appeared to be a small confine? Then I starting counting pockets and I was surprised at how many interior pockets there were - even the hidden ones. The Impulse doesn’t look like it holds a lot, but once I started packing it up, I found it had more then enough space for everything I needed to carry. start finding more and more pockets and sufficient space for the pockets so it doesn’t crush everything.

STM Impulse

We start with the main compartment and inside there are two holders, one for a laptop (up to 15”) and the other a tablet. The gap in-between is enough for a flat charger or an extra notebook. But if you need to carry actual books the second compartment looks to fit the bill with enough room to hold 1 text book and two notebooks or a lay-flat lunch. The Third pouch can be used to hold a phone, a couple of pens and a keychain or in my case a USB Stick. Below the third pocket there’s a lower pocket "Quick drop pocket", which I use it for dry umbrella storage, since I hate the mini-umbrellas poking out at me from the side. On either side of the bag there are two utility pockets - one open and the other zippered. Over all the organization of all the pockets seems to flow as you go from one compartment to another. There wasn’t a moment that I felt I could lose something or forget something, even though there are a lot of pockets, it’s not that complicated to go through.

STM Impulse

I tested the Impulse, taking it along with me for work and travel; my commute is usually short and I don’t normally wear the backpack for more than 45 minutes at a time. But, from the times that I have used it, it was very comfortable. When I first grab the bag I noticed almost ½” of cushion, which goes all the way down the back. I don’t use the sternum strap unless I’m walking long distances so I can’t comment on that but the back support and the wide shoulder straps makes for an easy travel. The bag itself is very light weight, which is due to the polyester exterior that is a 300D velocity poly; it’s tough enough to take the day to day beating with a nice level of water-resistance.

STM Impulse

The Bang:

STM’s Impulse backpack is right up my alley and makes for a suitable carryall for anyone looking for the perfect commute bag. I’ve been focusing on maintaining a clean geek look and the Impulse does the trick, handling all of my device carrying needs. With backpacks it’s all about comfort and versatility. And with the Impulse, it’s light enough on its own that it doesn’t add any extra strain to your back and versatile that it has more than enough space to hold what you’ll need whether on your daily commute or much longer journeys.

STM Impulse

The Slack:

The bottom straps are a little too high for me I have wide shoulders and I had to really contort my arm to get it in there.

STM Impulse

With the STM Impulse, I’m definitely all about the low profile bag with a nice and clean design; I’m going to work, I don’t need the bulky look behind me like I’m in High school. But what I truly admire about this backpack are the hidden pocket for secret stashes. So a clean look, lightweight, and definitely comfortable makes STM Impulse backpack the choice for and I highly recommend it for you guys out in the interwebz. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give the STM Impulse 4 out of 5.

STM Impulse


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STM Impulse Backpack Review
The Bang: Lightweight, comfortable, great design
The Slack: lower straps
TOV 5 star rating: 5 stars

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