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The Vicious Kind DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. This next review, I wasn't really sure what to expect when I watched the film. From the trailers, images, and synopsis I've read, it looked like the film "The Vicious Kind" would be a dark, moody, drama with murder, and suspense tossed in. Well we get a little dark and a little moody, but thanks to a wonderful performance by Adam Scott, we get deep within the heart of man and how he faces temptation of the highest power.

The Story of "The Vicious Kind" revolves around Caleb (Adam Scott), who was recently cheated on by his ex. His world is suddenly thrown for a loop when he goes to pick up his brother Peter (Alex Frost) and meets his girlfriend Emma (Brittany Snow). And it's all downhill from there as Caleb finds himself infatuated with Emma; she kinda looks like his ex, they seem to always run into each other, and it turns out they have some things in common. But this is his brother's girlfriend and he knows he shouldn't be stepping over that line, so what's a guy to do? Does he cave into his lust, hurting his brother in the process, or simply walk away from it all? Tossed in we get to meet Caleb's estranged father Donald (J.K Simmons), which the two haven't spoken for eight years due to an incident with the mother having extramarital relations. The mom, who was diagnosed and died of cancer, was last seen by Caleb and this pissed Donald off enough that he shut Caleb out of his life. But there's more to the story than that. When Caleb and Donald finally come face to face, Donald takes a shot at him and promises if he returns he's gonna shoot him. (later it looked as though he was gonna keep that promise). Will Caleb and Donald patch things up? Will Caleb quench his desire and get him some Emma lovin? Or will the love for his brother drive him over the edge? Trust me you'll want to watch this film to find out.

The Good:,/p>

First I gotta give it up for the plot, which is not the greatest story ever told, but it's simple and it works; nothing too complex and very well written, plus the dialogue really helps carry the story. The pacing of the film is spot on perfect as the film, which is usually a problem with dramas as some pacing is just too slow. Here. it's brisk and even, not too fast and certainly not too slow. Adam Scott portrayal of Caleb, who starts out as a hard ass but totally softens up towards the end; the transition flows evenly throughout the film. He really does a wonderful job, carries the film well, and you'll certainly love to hate this guy no matter what he does. Plus I'd say any guy who watches this film can relate to Caleb's story having either thought about being with someone sexually that you know you shouldn't or acted out on the desire. So big ups to Adam. And any film with J.K Simmons in it deserves high praise; I loved him in Oz, loved him even more in the Spider-Man series, and here he shines as Donald who is funny, witty, a bit crass and so damn charming, plus how can you not like that smile? And it's rare that I say this, but I love the soundtrack; from beginning to end you've got some great tracks that really compliment the film to a "T". I have an affinity for "All of My Trains" by Robert Francis and "Welcome Home" performed by Radical Face. Finally the ending… yea, that's about right, close it to make you think and/or maybe argue with your friends about it.

The Bad

Emma's smoking habit; one scene she says she doesn't smoke in front of Peter, but later she is smoking with him in the bathroom. I know that's a bit nitpicky, but it kinda draws you out a bit.

The Ugly:


Overall I enjoyed and highly recommend any and all to give "The Vicious Kind" a shot; it's dark and funny, with a great story and wonderful performances throughout. Plus it's is the kind of film you'll wanna talk about with your friends, even get into some heated discussions about what you would do if put in Caleb's position. So out of TOV 5 stars, I give the film a 4.5 and The Vicious Kind has been Valkor tested and TOV Approved.

Question of the day: Have you ever been infatuated, lusted over, or even put the moves on someone you know you shouldn't have? Tell us your thoughts below.

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The Vicious Kind DVD Review
The Good: The story, the acting
The Bad: one small smoking incident
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars
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