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Thor Preview

Hey folks, Valkor here. I will admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the character Thor although I do get excited when he appears as a special guest in the comic, especially to assist in some whoopin some bad guy ass. Next year we get the chance to check him out live action in his first ever Thor feature film, directed by Kenneth Branagh with an awesome cast including Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as his love interest Jane Foster, Sir Anthony Hopkins as his father Odin, Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Principle photography has already been completed and thanks to the folks at Collider.com, we have our first look at the God of Thunder… and you know what? This has to be the BEST transition from comic to screen I've ever seen!!! It's jaw dropping awesome and there's not much more I can say about it and I can't wait to see more!

Huge thanks to the folks at Collider for getting the scoop you can visit them [HERE] or click on a pic to take you over to their site.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Valkor out!

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Thor Preview
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