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Vulva Original Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And welcome to the first, hopefully not the last, product that we'll review here in PerfectView. And to think, all this started because of one tweet that linked to a piece of video, that lead to an email, that lead to a CrewView article, that ultimately lead to my complete Vulva Original Review, which is what you'll read today. Vulva Original - It smells so right... it can't be wrong.

Vulva Original

Vulva Original is a product of Germany from a company called Vivaeros (god I love the Germans as much as I love the Japanese and their wacky ways). And it's a very tiny bottle containing exactly what you might think it is, based on the name – hoo-ha juice (concentrated). Vulva Original contains the scent of the female vagina at its most heightened state of arousal or when it's most worked up. If you've seen the ad, which you can see if you scroll down to the bottom, you'll get my meaning. So VO is definitely not something you splash all over or even dab behind your ear, it is a personal scent meant for your pleasure alone. So on those days you're thinking of that special night you had with a fling so and so, or any special sexual experience, you produce this tiny vial, shake well, roll on a small dab and smell to your heart's content. Do not apply it on your neck, nose, or anywhere on your body - only your hand.

Vulva Original

Now I find that the best place to apply VO is between the index and middle finger of your least favorite hand. Meaning if you're a righty, place it on your left and vice versa. Why? That way you don't look like a tool sniffing yum-yum jizz off the back of your hand or snortin your index finger while in public. In this manner you can raise your hands to your face to fake a yawn or a sneeze or to wipe something from your countenance and get a good whiff without looking like your obviously sniffing something.

I had the chance to test it on an outing with some buddies, namely TOV's DigiSpa, 2DX's JayDub and Magus, TOV/Adult Swim Central's Sentroid, as well as a few other friends and most will agree that the smell is almost replicated perfectly; Magus disagrees and says it smells too metallic. But what did I think?

Vulva Original

The Good:

I have to say its spot on perfect, I loved it! It's a sweet yet tangy blend of a vag that's about to get munched and/or plowed. God I would have loved to have been around as they were testing this product, because you just know they had a hot chick for comparison purposes with some dude triple dippin, because that's pretty balls-on accurate (pun intended). It's strong enough that if you just wave your muff-dabbed hand in front of your face, you'll get a nose full. The tiny phial is small enough for you to take wherever you go, for whenever you need it. But please use discretion as that's not the sort of scent you wanna share such as in the workplace "who smells like cootch?" or on an airplane "whoa! Who's clam did you chowder?" or even in the bedroom as your with your lady as you're rounding third, sliding face-first into homeplate "Oh Hell no! whose biscuit you been rollin, cause that smell ain't mine!" Just sayin, these are situations you might wanna avoid.

Vulva Original

The Bad:

Again it's a bit strong and the scent does carry so be careful where you apply. And it's not easy to wash off. However, this is according to Sentroid, after the first handwashing, the scent did become "cleaner". So if you want a fresher poon scent, just like in life, just give it a quick wash.

Vulva Original

The Ugly:

The many faces that I saw the evening we tried it out. While I found it a bit refreshing and erotic, my cohorts didn't feel the same way.

Vulva Original

Overall Vulva Original is not for everyone, but I found it to be just the scent that will carry me through a rough day or a lonely night. Get down into funky town with Vulva Original, which out of TOV 5 stars, I give it a 4.5, and it's been Valkor (and crew) tested, TOV Approved.

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Vulva Original Review
The Good: Smells sweet, tangy
The Bad: Kinda strong
The Ugly: The faces of others
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5
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