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Wrong Side of Town DVD Review

Welcome fellow TOV'ers, and hello to all my Epicians it is I your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1!!!! As most people know I have been reviewing movies with wrestlers in them because I love wrestling. "Wrong Side of Town" stars Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam as Bobby and The Animal David Bautista as Big Robbie aka B.R. The film also has a cameo by Nelson Frazier Jr. which you might know as Big Daddy V and he plays a thug named Animal, not a big role, only a few seconds but very interesting.

The film starts off with an awesome opening song sequence. We then see Bobby, his wife Dawn (Laura Grice) and daughter Brianna (Brooke Frost) just doing normal everyday things, when the next door neighbor Clay (Edrick Browne), shows up to borrow a hammer. Clay just moved in and wants to take Bobby and Dawn out on the town, with his wife Elise (Ava Santana) to get to know one another. When they arrive at the club, we find out that Clay is the person who sells wine to the club owner, Seth (Jerry Katz). Seth is an up and coming drug dealer who has Det. Briggs (Louis Herthum) in his pocket. Seth has to go do take care of something and leaves his brother Ethan (Ross Britz) in charge. Ethan does some coke, goes into the club, sees Dawn and tries to rape her. Bobby finds discovers this and the two begin to fight it out. Ethan goes after Bobby with a knife, but Bobby sideswipes him, Ethan falls on his own knife and kills himself. The rest of the night we have Bobby running around, town trying to get away from people because Seth put a bounty on his head. Some of the thugs that are after him are Stash (Omarion) and his crew and the crew that Animal (Big Daddy V) is in. We also have Seth's goons Deacon (Scott Schwartz) and Stormy (Stormy Daniels) after Bobby. Later we find out that Bobby is a former Navy Seal, saved the life of B.R. and B.R. owes him a favor. Bobby finds B.R. in his strip club but B.R. tells him he can't help him. B.R. then betrays Bobby and sends in Razor (Ja Rule) to capture him. After Bobby is captured, B.R. changes his mind and what becomes the "Holy Shit" moment of the movie, he blows Razor's head off. What finishes of the film – Brianna gets kidnapped, B.R. saves Bobby's life again, a couple of Batista's spears, armbar submissions, nudity and great music rounds it all out.

The Good

The best part of this film is the soundtrack; the rock and hip hop tunes in the background was awesome. The story is really entertaining and will totally draw you into it. The acting by RVD and Jerry Katz was on point as well. Mind you RVD is a good actor and for everyone that knows about him, he even shows his sarcastic side which was great. My favorite line of the movie is when Clay asks Bobby where he learned all his fighting skills and Bobby says, "I watch a lot of Jackie Chan movies." Batista and his fight scene with Trouble are cool.

The Bad


The Ugly


So in conclusion, go watch RVD in "Wrong Side of Town" and enjoy some ass-kicking action. I give the film 4.5 stars out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!

Peace up out!!!!

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Wrong Side of Town DVD Review
The Good: Story, action, tons of cameos
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TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars
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