• Top 10 Things One Guy Shouldn't Say to Another Guy

Hey gang, Valkor here. So get this; I was trekkin the YouTubes when I came across a video by John O (Johnollie) talking about the "top ten things a man should never say to his guy friend". Now I'm gonna embed it below, so check it out. But I wanna add on another ten, and I think he might agree that these are things a man should NEVER, EVER, EVER say to another man. And you guys can add your own in the comment section below.

- You wanna go with me to the men's room? (No, no, and no! Don't go asking another man to go with you the men's room.)

- Can I have a sip of your beer? (You can share French fries, Buffalo wings, you can even share a piece of a burger, but dudes don't share drinks from the same bottle. If I'm pourin it in a cup, it better be when I just opened it.)

- Can you rub my feet? (John O touched on this with the shoulder, and I wanted to incorporate feet into the mix – or any other body part, for that matter, should not be touched… at all.)

- Can I borrow a pair of your underwear? (You can't be putting your junk in another man's trunk. Nuff said)

- OMG those sneakers/shirt/pants are so cute! (Dudes do not use the word "cute" to describe anything on another man, and the word should only be applied to a woman, or maybe, just maybe something on her person)

- Can I play with your Wii? (Now with this one, you gotta be careful with your wording; can I borrow your Wii? Would be most appropriate and might save you from an ass whoopin)

- I'm not wearing any underwear. (Dude if your freeballin that's all well and good, but keep that shit to yourself. But if you gotta share, share with the ladies. But depending on their relation to you, they may or may not wanna know.)

- Sing "It's raining men" (Unless it's in conjunction with a joke. And it better be funny! You might wanna stave off singing this one out loud, along with anything by the Backstreet boys, N'Sync, or the Jonas Brothers)

- Let's watch Sex and the City (Oh Hell no! You don't ask ya boy, your partner in crime, and all around best bud to watch Sex and the City. And I'll add to that Will and Grace, Designing Women, or anything on the Lifetime network.)

- I Love You (Only in the most emotional of states should you utter the words "I Love You" to another man. You my boy, I'm there for you, or I got yo back works equally as well. Now if your bestfriend is your brother, sure you can say it, but if it's to a guy of non-relation… yea steer clear)

Check out more of John Ollie over on the YouTubes, trust me he has some funny ass videos. And don't forget to add your own comments below.