• A Serbian Film Uncut DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. You know when it comes to films, I thought I'd have seen it all. Films like Oldboy just reaffirms that I truly have not seen it all and that I have only scratched the surface of what's out there. That is until I watched "Serbian Film". I read the taglines, saw some images and I thought "ok this is gonna have a lot of gore and sex. I can handle that!" Folks… I was wrong… dead wrong. I don't know how such a film can garner any praise, but A Serbian Film Uncut DVD… I wouldn't recommend it. I hate this film so much I'm not including pics, vids, or linking to an official site. They'll get a logo and that's it! Oh and I'm gonna spoil the shit out of this film so be warned!

Serbian Film tells the tale of Milos (Srdjan Todorovic); a retired porn star, now living out his days with his wife and son. One day one of his ex-associates approached him with a proposition – there's a new filmmaker in town, doing this very "arthouse" style film and he wants Milos to star in it. On top of that he can make a boatload of money that will secure him and his family for the rest of their lives. When Milos meets with Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic), he initially passes because Vukmir (I just love saying Vukmir) doesn't wanna give out too much detail of what's being filmed. However Milos finally caves and filming commences. Things starts out quite simple and then it goes from bad… to worse - far worse than you might imagine as he's taken into a world of necrophilia, pedophilia, and snuff.

Here comes those spoilers… you've been warned!

A Serbian Film, if you described it to your friends, they wouldn't believe you. Think I'm kidding? Here's an example: So Milos enters a room where a woman is tied up. She's covered in blood and right next to her there's a pool of blood with pliers and her teeth in it. Milos goes up to her, shoves his dick in her mouth, pinches her nose shut and bamf! She's dead!

Want another? How about this: A woman is tied to a bed by her wrist and ankles being prepped for the next scene. Enter Milos who "enters" the girl from the rear. Mind you, the dude is doped up on a drug that makes him mad horny… and violent. His mind is so warped that when given direction to beat the girl, he does so… with gusto! Slaps turn to full on punches, someone hands him a machete, Milos lobs the girl head off and... he continues!!!

But the most fucked up scene in this film, the one that literally made me toss the DVD in the trash was this scene right here: It's near the end of the film, Milos wakes up all bloody; he's disoriented. He goes around the house looking for his wife and son. Can't find them. He goes out looking for them and he starts to recollect what exactly happened to him. Well he learn a few things, but what causes Milos to snap – he remembers a scene where he's having sex with… someone. We don't know, they're all covered up. But right next to that body, is a much smaller one… Oh I think you know where I'm going with this. And I don't even wanna write it; just take a guess who Milos is having sex with. TAKE A WILD FUCKING GUESS!! And you're first answer would be right on the button! You want a hint? How about an even more fucked up ending than Old Boy.

The Good:


The Bad:

A Serbian Film is supposed to be a horror film, but I walked away madly disgusted by it all. I read other reviews that praise the hell out of this film, but I honestly don't see it. I don't get it! I don't understand what's so good about… THAT! Torture porn is one thing, but when a woman gives birth and as soon as the baby comes out... the doctor has sex with it, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU PRAISE THAT!!!!? I don't care if it's "just a movie", something like that is entirely uncalled for. FUCK!!!

The Ugly:

How about the entire fucking film!

You won't catch "A Serbian Film Uncut DVD" sold anywhere in the United States; at best you can find it online if you know where to look or better yet, just don't do it! Seriously, do yourself a favor and just don't bother with this one. But if you must see it (and hey I can't stop you) download the fucker. That's right, I don't condone illegal downloads, but if this is something you need to watch, then don't put money in the pockets of the producers of this film. I'm going negative on this one and giving A Serbian Film –5 stars. Oldboy was waaaaaaay better and waaaaaay more entertaining than this garbage.