• BestSoft ActionStick Preview

Hey folks, Valkor here. Yep I'm still reeling from CES '05, and there's much that we have to post so keep checking in with more reviews, previews, and overall thoughts on CES and products that were presented. Moving on, anyone out there remember the "Power Glove"? It's a gimmick item Nintendo introduced waaaaay back when the NES was introduced. Rather than a joystick, that would translate your movements into onscreen action. Trust me it wasn't much fun and it made your arm tired really quickly. Through the years since, there have been other gimmick items like the Power Glove that have come and gone, and this one is no different than its predecessors. Especially those had that failed.

As I stepped over to a side booth by a company called Bestsoft, there was a guy punching and kicking in front of this standing stick aka the Action Stick. What is it you might ask? (And I stress the word "might"), the Action stick is a long, black stick with 8 Ion sensors, used to track your movements and translate them to the game. That's right you hop around, punch, pick and lean in all directions to move your on screen character. Sounds good, but when I asked the vendor, who was testing Tekken 4 at the time, to show me how to do special moves, all he could say was “You will learn them”. So either he really didn’t know how to do the special moves or they were a lot harder to pull off than just the standard punch/kick/jump combo. On top of that he was playing in training mode and only doing punches, jumps, and kicks against an opponent that wasn't doing anything. That's pretty boring. I wanna see fireballs, super uppercuts, I wanna some funky, flashy moves. Any child can stand in front of the Action Stick and punch/kick. I wanna see some serious play. This is why I place this piece of schmitt in the oddie section, until I see otherwise, this would be nothing more than a waste of space in my cave, and I needs the space. But I do promise this: If after an extensive playtime with the Action Stick, I have a change of heart, I will remove it from this page and write up a major apology. Until then, Oddies it will remain.Valkor's note: Not more Oddies *sighz