• Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973) DVD Review

Once again it's your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1 and I am here with another Warner Bros. Archive Collection television movie. The film stars, Kim Darby as Sally, and Jim Hutton as Alex, a newlywed couple that just inherited a house from her grandparents. When they arrive at the house they see that it needs a bunch of work to be done so they hire Mr. Henderson (William Demarest) who then warns them about not opening this special fireplace in the basement den. Sally avoids the warning, proceeds to open the fireplace and… nothing happens, so it may seem. We find out that Sally has let go three monsters (voiced by Felix Silla, Tamara DeTreaux, and Patty Maloney) who want to kill her for some reason. As the story progresses we find out that these monsters are afraid of light and they drive Sally insane. While Sally is trying to tell Alex, he ignores her and tells her that it is all in her head. Sally finally convinces her long time friend Joan (Barbara Anderson) who then convinces Alex but is it too late. Well my friends you must watch the movie and find out the rest for yourselves.

Afraid of the Dark

The Good

It's definitely the storyline as well as the acting. Sally keeps you involved in the movie wondering what these little monsters want from her. Jim Hutton as Alex is also good in making you hate him because he doesn't believe Sally.

The Bad

The way the whole movie was too dark in the areas where the little monsters were. At times there was a green light around them which helped in seeing the creatures, but then there where parts that they showed the creatures. Also, why is Alex such a dick, I know that in the 70's it was all about being cool and all that but he was a jerk to everyone then he apologizes to Mr. Henderson and not to anyone else.

Afraid of the Dark

The Ugly

Definitely the monsters, they are so ugly and so fake at points in the movie. We see them walking around trying to kill Sally then we only see there heads on some parts. Then the introduction of the creatures takes a long time before we finally see them. I was ready to see them within the first couple of minutes of the movie.

Afraid of the Dark

So in conclusion, this movie might of have been good in the 70's but I can not see myself watching this movie now. I am going to give this movie a retro rating of 3 out of 5 stars and a present 2 out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!