• Tritton AX 720 Dolby Digital Gaming Headset Review

So I got this orange and white box, Tritton AX720 and I'll admit I've never used any of Trittons items before; I've only seen them online. The headphones are pretty large having two 40mm driver; they look like they can kick. Whites not my first choice but they still look mean as hell. The 720's comes with an Encoder box and all types of connections, fiber optic line, USB port, PS3, Xbox, and PC. When I first put them on they were a little heavy. I tried them out on the PC with the accompanying attachment. The cloth they came with was comfortable but I thought the sound was going to get through since plastic it has creates that sweaty seal. I was wrong, once I turned them on. I couldn't hear a thing. The outside world was gone. It was a god send to not everyone around me since I'm playing loud or late into the night. These headphones did the trick. They can play as loud as you like and everyone else won't really hear a thing.

Tritton AX 720 Dolby Digital Gaming Headset

The AX 720 Amp comes with 2 outputs for you and a friend and everything you need to get it working on PC-Xbox-PS3 and the set up is easy. You would have to be AP3X to not figure this out. It has a button to select what device attachment you would like to use and a light display telling you what is being used. The box is only 1.25Hx5.1125wx5.625L. You can set this thing anywhere with out taking much space

The Bang:

If you're a home theater/video game enthusiast and people around you aren't, this is for you. The sound coming out of these headphones is amazing. I listen to music/movies and just loved it. They have 12.5 ft of cable so you can relax very comfortably on the couch and still have some distance. I stayed up late into the night enjoying the ass kicking sounds of Halo/Warcraft/Rage against the machine. I really like having a detachable Mic. More companies need to incorporate this idea!

The Slack:

Not bad. The headphones are bulky and a little heavy, something to keep in mind. It is built for sound. I don't see you taking these out of the house for a jog or on a plane. I'm sure you could but they are large.

What's in the box:

  • Tritton AX 720 White Headphones (12.5 ft of cable)
  • Microphone(detachable)
  • Decoder Box – ax 720 Amp
  • In-line control module
  • Fiber optic wire
  • PS3 USB wire
  • X-Box wires
  • G6 analog adapter
  • Power cable
Tritton AX 720 Dolby Digital Gaming Headset

I will first admit, I never turned them up all the way, while they were on my head. These things hit pretty hard and with the Dolby 106 Db output I was very satisfied with the halfway point. I played my PS3 and I could hear people sneak up on me. I much enjoyed the quality of the sound out of these headphones. They gave me the room to move around or at least 12.5 ft. If I wanted to talk smack all I had to do was plug in the Mic. If you have a Gamer at home they will definitely love this, it will make a great holiday gift. I'm giving Tritton's AX 720 gaming headphones 5 Dbs.