• Axion/ MojoPlay CES 2007 Preview

Axion another regular here at TOV, also made a showing at CES 2007. We had the chance to meet them back in 2005 Pre-CES show, and they wowed us then; they wow us yet again today with their AXN-8017 IPTV. Imagine you’re in say Japan, but your favorite show doesn’t air there. What are you gonna do? Well Axion answers the call with the AXN-8017; so long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you'll never miss a beat. I wasn’t able to fully test the product, however the idea is very sound and I cannot wait to see the finished version. As much as I travel, I need something like this to take along so that I can never miss Smallville again. If it turns out it works with digital cable television shows I am gonna freak out! Also at the Axion booth was Mojoplay, sister company of Axion. They were showcasing some serious gaming monitors and I fell in love with their Xbox 360 MP-920xb model. I’m not feeling the white, but the picture quality was amazing and there was no slowdown that was associated with LCDs. I know there are a lot of Gears of Wars fanatics out there, so if you like to take your killing spree on the go, then this is definitely the accessory for you. We’ll keep you posted on these and other great products from Axion and Mojoplay. For now check out our reviews on our tech page.