• Bluetrek Compact Classic Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Car Kit Review

Thanks to the folks at Bluetrek, we've been sent a Bluetooth car kit, with a unique a design; it has all the features of a Bluetooth but it's designed to go on your visor. The Ultra slim houses a 1.7" speaker (2 watts, 104dB) that can be heard with your windows down and a Dual microphone that is located at the end of an arm. That arm swivels to a max of 115 degrees and also serves as an On/Off switch for the device. After charging for about 3hrs, it's ready to install. Start by holding the Volume up and Call answer button for 5 sec. It will start blinking and beeping, then turn on the bluetooth discover option on your Mobile phone and when it finds the device you're done (my phone asked for a pin). Now just clip it on to the visor and begin talking. It took me about 20 seconds max. to setup. At full charge, you get 14hrs of talk time or about 30 days of standby.

What's in the box:

  • Ultra slim Bluetooth receiver
  • 1.8m(6') USB Cable charger
  • USB Car charger
Bluetrek Compact Classic Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Car Kit

The Bang:

When it comes to car accessories I am always worried about theft. The Ultra slim is thin, black, and stealthy, The dimensions are 5.5L x 3.7W x 0.6H and weighing 3.5oz without the clip; trust me if your not staring at it you wont see it even with the Dual mic. arm sticking down. What's also nice about this, is If you don't want to use it in your car, just undo the clip and it will sit right on your desk giving you the option of working with Skype (if your PC is Bluetooth compatible).

The Slack:

It says the mic. has noise cancelling properties but I found that the mic. picked up everything in the back ground. It picked up my voice clearly but it also picked up everything else. The box also said it will reach 10m (32') but it started getting a good amount of static and clicking after 6m (20'). Some states are now banning all hands free devices. In NY, the Taxi and Limousine Commission rules, drivers are not allowed to use cellular phones or any communication device, hands free or otherwise, while operating a cab/limo. Well the regular driver is next on the chopping block and this is something to keep in mind. I am not afraid of the man but, this stealthy baby is my secret.

Bluetrek Compact Classic Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Car Kit

Blutrek Ultra-Slim Bluetooth is stylish, stealthy, and charges very quickly. This is a great piece to have if you're on the road a lot and it would be a great gift for a truck, taxi or limo driver. I give this a TOV 4 out of 5 for keeping me one step ahead of the "man".