• AVIwear Boneheads Eyewear Preview

Hey gang, Valkor here. Companies integrating tech with common items isn’t all too new. But doing it with a sense of style? Well, that’s something that would draw anyone's attention. When I received an email from an AVIwear rep about these new audio/video eyewear called “Boneheads”. I’ll admit, by the name alone, my interest was piqued. But when I saw what the product looked like, then they had my fullest attention. Taken from the press release, the Boneheads “is the ultimate Bluetooth sunglasses designed to seamlessly integrate with your smartphone or computer”. You get three varieties – iSMart glasses (audio only), IPro 1080 (audio and HD Video), and 4K Pro (audio and 4K video).

AVIwear Boneheads Eyewear

AVIwear Boneheads are a part of a currently running Kickstarter campaign, which you can visit and learn more about them by clicking the logo below. I’ve also included additional information from the press release, which should whet anyone’s appetite until the product is officially released. But from what I’ve seen thus far, Boneheads looks to be a stylish and fun set of eyewear that would be great for travelers, or anyone looking to showcase their adventures.


Perfect for the tech and adventure lover this holiday, Boneheads are AVIwear's newest creation in the emerging technology marketplace. Adventure is one of life's basic human needs. The endorphins and adrenaline that comes with risk-taking makes us feel alive! This gift encourages the recipient to indulge in fun and adventure. Use the eyewear to capture and collect life's best moments, whether it's a cross country road trip, snorkeling, extreme sports, jet skiing, or playing golf. Its multi-use design is perfect for any member of the family! Made and assembled in America, this wireless hands-free gadget is the perfect gift for the holidays!

AVIwear Boneheads Eyewear

BoneHeads iSmart Glasses (Audio Only) - MSRP $149.99

  • Bluetooth 5.0 BoneConduction Stereo Surround
  • Sound Safety Certified Polarized UV400 Eyewear (Glasses/Sunglasses)

BoneHeads IPro 1080 - MSRP $249.99

  • 1080p HD Plus HR Photo Plus Bluetooth 5.0
  • BoneConduction HD Stereo Surround Safety Certified
  • Polarized UV400 Eyewear

BoneHeads 4K Pro - MSRP $349.99

  • 4K@25Frames Per Second/1080p@60 FPS/720p@120fps
  • Hi Resolution Photos Plus HD Stereo Surround Sound Safety
  • Certified Polarized UV400 Eyewear (Adjustable Hi Speed and Slow Motion Capabilities)

  • AVIwear Boneheads Eyewear


    AVIwear™ offers the most advanced audio-video sunglasses, HD video & Bluetooth enabled Mp3 eyewear products. It all started over three years ago, when the co-founder set out to find the world’s best in a new emerging technology marketplace. All that he found was a disappointing selection of toy-like spy video cameras featuring terrible resolution, low quality manufacturing, and no integration with existing consumer electronics devices -- let alone with no easy methods to share the newly created media with the world. The co-founder and his partners were compelled to spearhead a movement towards this new and exciting market segment with a high standard of excellence, and pushed to build the AVIwear™ brand. After 3+ years of hard work into research and development and product development, AVIwear™ was launched, creating a newly emerging market.

    AVIwear Boneheads Eyewear