• Bottle Shock DVD Review

Epic-1 back in the Val-Cave and this time I stumbled on a movie based on a true story. Now this isn’t just any true story this is the story of Napa Valley and the Napa Valley Wine. The story takes place in 1976 when Steven Spurrier (Alan Rickman) decides he is going to have a blind wine tasting contest that pits the French against the Americans. So, Steven Spurrier flies to California where he meets with The Barretts; Jim (Bill Pullman) and Bo (Chris Pine) the owner and son, along with all the other owners of the wineries and decides, with a lot of taste testing, which ones to take to France. While this is going on, Sam (Rachael Taylor) shows up and catches the heart of Bo and his friend Gustavo Brambila (Freddy Rodriguez). They both try to get in her pants while also becoming friends. Now anyone who drinks wine and enjoys a good movie will love this movie. But if you don’t you’ll also love the story behind it plus all the fighting and this movie will keep you interested. If not, how about Eliza Dushku as Joe the bartender? The movie had me from the go until the end and afterwards I wanted to drink some wine, relax in the Val-Cave and watch the movie over again but then I realized I was in the Val-Cave and there was no wine but I still had a good movie. (Valkor’s Notes: I hide the good stuff for “special” occasions lol)

Bottle Shock Review

The Good

This is a very good movie and the flow goes great. The cast is also phenomenal in their individual parts and work great together. The story of Napa Valley is interesting and anytime we can show that we are better than the French well that alone gets some points from me.

The Bad

The bad is not much just a few spots in the movie were not necessary but it still the movie flows well.

Bottle Shock Review

The Ugly


So in conclusion, don’t get shocked and don’t Wine about it. I’m giving this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!! Cheers and I’m Out!!!