• Casio CES 2007 Preview

A regular here at TOV since 2005 CES, Casio products never ceases to amaze me with their ever popular Exilim line of cameras. The Z1000 made a showing and while I’ve already done an extensive review of the product, and it not being the best in the line, it can still hold its own against the big guns such as Fuji, Canon and the like. But what caught my eye was the S770. This 7.2 MP digiam, dare I say… yes I dare, looks much better than the Z1000. Colors are sharper and crisp, the 2.8” LCD screen looks damn good and to complete the picture (no pun intended) all the buttons and switches are located at the back next to the view screen (similar to that of the Z1000). What makes the S770 stand out from its brethren is the option for widescreen playback. So you can record your video (which is done in Mpeg-4) and have that letterbox, widescreen look giving your home vids a cinematic feel. I love this camera. Not as much as I like the Fuji F20, but it ranks right up there. Watch TOV pages for an extensive review on this one.