• CES 2009 Day 2

Hey folks, Valkor here with my day 2 report from CES 2009. a huge part of my day was spent at Sony, Samsung, Triton and Psyko’s booth (and really, why not? So again while things may seem short, most of what you will find will be in separate reports.


When I bought my first LCD monitor, I did so with the thinking that I can hook my desktop to it. And while the process held true, it sucks that I wasn't able to bring em together through the HDMI. However Atlona has answered the call and have created an USB to HDMI box called "AT-HDPIX" that will allow you to plug your PC to your big screen monitor allowing you to enjoy FULL HD (up to 1080i if I'm not mistaken) in your websurfing, video watching and PC gaming. There wasn't much to see, however I do look forward to going futher in-depth with the device. World of Warcraft may never be the same.


Back in the late 90’s I used to be a huge nut about shooters. Doom, Wolfenstein, Unreal, Quake, Half Life, and Duke Nukem were all part of my daily allowance of gaming. Since then I grew weary of playing the same thing over and over. Sure it was package differently, but a shooter is still a shooter no matter what it was called. Stepping in to change my perception of the genre is Novint and their Falcon Pistol Grip controller. Taking the frustration of using a keypad to handing you’re looking up/down, strafing, and changing weapons, the Falcon handles all of that all packaged within a slick controller that makes pointing and shooting a breeze. I demoed it on a game of Left for Dead and let me just say, even for new comers to the whole shooter scene, you will find that having the Falcon makes everything crazy easy to just jump in and go. Their rep also showed off how the Falcon can do force feedback… and it’s damn eerie. You guide a hand through a series of “feels” such as sand, honey, a magnet and even shoot off a slingshot. It feels... So real…


There was big talk of Optoma’s Pico projector; a tiny little projector you can use with your portable media player, PSP, anything with a video out) and project a small screen anywhere you want. I wasn’t feeling the overall compressed look of the videos they were showing. Still I have a need to get inside it’s little pico brain and see how it fares in the Val-Cave.

DDR Game

These guys showed off similar systems much like Innex… actually almost exactly the same as Innex… But what’s different is they had a Sega Genesis type system as well as a wireless gun for your NES. I checked out the gun with a game of Duck Hunt and its spot on perfect. DDR Game also had a bunch of DDR dance pads for those serious about DDR (Dance Dance Revolution to those uninitiated).


TOV loves and embraces the small companies, and we love introducing our readers to them. Enter PTi. They have a slew of portable media players on hand with gaming functionality. Most were playing jerky video, and I wasn’t given the chance to test out the game. In PTi’s defense, their rep on hand didn’t speak too much English. However keep your eyes on the PMP86 and PMP87, and I am quite curious about the PMP22 which looks like an IPhone. Also the PMP77 looks damn sleek. We’ll try to get an update from the company and see if we can get a few of those babies in the Cave, because the Cave craves them.


TDV promises true 3D HD in gaming and movies through the use of a pair of monitor visor. The idea sounds better than using the glasses and the demo they had on hand looks good. I’m definitely gonna ask more questions and look more into this new technology.