• CES 2010 part 2

Hey folks, Valkor here. CES 2010 is long over, but I'll always remember the good times. Last year was such a downer and even 2010 had its disappointments (No Showstoppers for the Valman, The Sands Innovation reduced to meeting halls and the heavy crowds). But overall I was pleased with the outcome, and that's bringing you guys the good shit. The past two years I've done my report based on the days of attendance (day 1, day 2, etc). This year I'm breaking down the report in two parts. Also I will do away with the preview score, people thought the preview score was actual review scores even though it clearly states that it's a preview. On that note let's get it on!

Shuttle – The company who makes PCs and all items PC related, really impressed me with their All in PC such as the X50 desktop with touch screen and powered with Intel Atom 330 dual core. But if you're a gamer you might wanna check out the SX58J3 gaming PC, which not only looks impressive (and space saving on the outside) but supports what you'll need on the inside such as nVidia sli support, ATi crossfire support, Intel Core 7, 7.1 HD sound, and more.

Peregrine – The Power Glove is back and it's sleeker than ever. No it's not Nintendo's crusty model redux, this is a new company that promises to take your gaming to the next level… sorta. Basically sensors in the fingertips of the gloves act as hotkeys (or macros); you'll assign a function and touch the tips to perform that action. Play Warcraft or World of Warcraft? Assign the tips to perform spells and other tasks. Sadly the glove cannot be used for movement and I'm not sure if it can handle driving games, but it will be interesting to find out. The design is pretty sleek and the powerpack on the back gives you that ultra-geeky look that will make you say "I love the Peregrine glove. It's so awesome". We'll update you asap as this looks to be one interesting accessory.

Dane-Elec – Dare I say best of show? What I saw at the Dane-Elec booth truly impressed. First up is the myDitto. This External HD has two bays and supports up to 4 TB HDD and can act as a media server allowing you to play all those movies and photos through your gaming console. You can also connect to myDitto with your mobile phone (if it has Windows mobile 6.1). But what's the best feature is the myDitto key. This small USB key gives you direct access to your myDitto no matter where you are. Just plug it into your laptop or PC and your good to go (so long as you have a wi-fi, or some kind of inet connection). Plus your information is secure, because once the key is removed there's nothing left behind. And if you should happen to lose the key you can deactivate it. Also on hand was an 80 gb SSD backup unit and a media device I believe it was the So G Stream, where you can either stream media wifi wise or plug in a USB or SD card and play all your movies and photos direct to your TV. We'll definitely be following with the company so stay tuned.

Altec Lansing – Though not much was shown, they did have a Guitar Hero Speaker called the called the Stage-Gig that really pumps serious bass and makes you look like a pro while your attempting to be one playing Guitar Hero, Rock Band or DJ Hero. It actually looked pretty sweet and sounded great from my standpoint. I liked it. Nuff said.

DGA (Digital Group Audio) – Though my meeting was short; I mostly stopped to check out the hottie showin off her… I mean the company's wares. First up is Livespeakr, which is a small portable speaker that attaches to your iPhone or iPhone touch. Not the best sounding portable speakers I've subjected my ears too, but not the worse either. But what impressed was the ZipBuds, that's right – no more tangles. Just zip it up and you're good to go.

Broderbound – As Jay and I were heading off the main floor, on the last day of CES, we ran into Broderbound who gave us a quick demo of their Printshop 2.0 software. If you want ease of use in making personalized calendars, brochures, family newsletters and more, then this will definitely be the software for you. It has a wizard that will guide you through the creation process, but you can also go further in-depth with the software and truly customize your piece. Alacran is current working on the software, so stay tuned for his full review.

DDR Game – I seem to run into this company every year at CES and this year is no exception. DDR Game Company has a slew of great gaming products such as DDR mats, game controllers and accessories. One in particular are the Sound Plus controllers. Choose between a bat, golf club, or tennis racket. And when you take a swing, they make a noise as if you're actually hitting the ball. Funny thing is, if you miss it still makes that noise. But overall if gives you more of an immersive feeling of being in the game. Look for more from DDR in the coming months as we'll follow up with this product and more.

Innex – I covered this gaming company last year and I was glad to run into em again this year – very, very glad! Last year Innex was showing off their classic Nintendo Products and this year it's all about Sega baby! First up we have the FireCore Classic, which is essentially a mini Sega Genesis and fully licensed by the company. The system can play carts plus comes with 20 preinstalled games such as Sonic and Knuckles, Alien Storm, Columns and more. Next up is the Portable Handheld. Again the same 20 games come preinstalled plus you can use carts to further the fun. As big of a Sega fanboy that I am, this is one I will look out for and keep you folks at home updated.

Splitfish – You THOUGHT you knew what real gaming was, or at least I did until I met DD who was reppin Splitfish and their controllers. You see I'm not a fan of shooters (anymore). I find the gameplay on the consoles a bit clumsy than I am used to (give me a mouse/keyboard combo any day). Well my prayers have been answered with the SFX Dual Frag Wireless Controller. On the one hand I have my D-pad, analog, and shoulder buttons and on the other hand I get the smooth accuracy of a mouse as well as all my buttons (square, triangle, X and circle). This gives you an edge as you'll be able to shoot more accurately and move a lot faster than you would on a standard controller, plus all the buttons are customizable to fit your needs. Next is the SFX Dual Evolution (Frevolution), which puts two independent analog controllers in your grasp. With motion control, the ability to set up macros, and adjustable sensitivity, this could be your secret weapons against your friends in all your competition. Both controllers have been tested by DD, who assures nothing but the best before it hits the shelf. Look for both controllers in your local gaming spot, if you're lookin to up your game.

RealView Innovations – PSP owners prepare for a new perspective in your gaming. RealView Innovations is releasing onto the PSP masses the V-Screen. What it does is fits just above your PSP screen and enhances its depth, give you a better and very noticeable view of on-screen action. I checked it out with a Soccer game (I forget if it was FIFA or PES) but the characters looked bigger than without the screen, so this saves some strain with the eyes when trying to follow what's going on, on screen. And when you're done the V-Screen makes a great protective case for your PSP, which works with all versions except the PSPGo. And since the Val-Man is a PSP owner, I'll try and get you an update and review as soon as possible.

But the true highlight of my CES journey wasn't just playing with all these interesting gadgets; it was meeting two of my favorite actors, Levar Burton (aka Geordi LaForge) and Brent Spiner (aka DATA) From Star Trek the Next Generation at the "It Doesn't Stay in Vegas" party. Again, if you wanna see more pics from that event and others, check out the link over to the right by Karen Thomas of Thomas PR, who is probably one of the coolest gals I've had the chance to run into. (Funny Karen how you got in TWICE to see Brent and Levar but I had to fight my way just to get the one shot lol). But overall CES 2010 was a blast and I can't wait for 2011. With that folks, I am outta here. Look for post CES reviews as soon as we get em in.