• CES 2005 PerfectView

Hey folks, Valkor here and it’s about time we got the s & r page up and running. It took us sometime, but now you will start seeing more articles posted as we go along. But for the guys out there, how about a CES treat to feast your eyes? I’ll admit the CES is not THE place to be to see booth babes, that right is reserved for E3, which has the hottest of the hot (And yes TOV is in line to attend). But what hotties were at CES, I had to take a snap and bring it on home to you, our fans.

First up is VDVO hottie with the wild yellow hair. Honestly, the smile/hair/face combo looks pretty sweet. She ranks as a TOV Hottie fer sure

Next up is Creatives booth hottie, touting the micro Zen player belt, and ever so sexy, sexy outfit. There were a few of them walking about, but this lil lady in particular won me over with her brilliant smile, how can you say no to her?

Msn had a very sweet booth babe, floating around in the Msn Butterfly suit. All I can say is thank the Matrix it wasn’t that chubby guy from the commercial. The suit was tight enough, but man if I had seen some camel toe, I would have lost it.

And now we save the best for last. The hottest of the hot, I’m talking sexy to the extreme: The ATI booth babe. She was stunningly beautiful, the outfit was off the heezy, and the body was mighty fine. I’ll just let the pic speak for itself. Ultimately the best babe bar none.