• CES 2011 PerfectView - Jewelyn

Just a quick update, as the Val-Man has to send out an apology to miss Jewelyn for the issue. To me the name on the vid sounded like Jillian... either that or I wasn't focusing... because I was hynotized... yea that's the ticket!

Hey folks, Valkor here. Strolling the CES 2011 showfloor, you can quite literally stumble upon almost anything that will catch your eye - especially tantilizing booth babes, stripper dancing to club beats. Hey I'm not hatin, in fact with Lux Mobile's booth cutie, Jewelyn rockin the floor, you'd be hard pressed not to stop... and then hard something else while watching her shake and shimmy. Normally I'd do one page for all the booth babes, but I'm gonna make an exception in this case, because in my eyes, Jewelyn is jawdroppingly gorgeous and absolutely deserves top honors as TOV's PerfectView of CES 2011.