• CaseLogic TSA Security Friendly Laptop Bag Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. Once again CaseLogic has entered their products to be scrutinized under the microscopes of the infamous Val-Cave, for a section I so lovingly call: TechGear. This is actually a post CES report that I wanted to be posted when the new site was set and ready to fly (Which it is) and now I can finally unleash unto the world just what I think of CaseLogic’s Security Friendly, Laptop bags.

CaseLogic TSA Friendly Laptop Bag

They Rock!

The two bags in question, the ZNCS116 and the CLCS-116 (this is the full size) are both made specifically for travelers who take along their laptops for business or personal use. These bags are designed so that the traveler doesn’t have to take the laptop out of the bag to be separately X-rayed. The bags split down the middle so that one section can hold items such as documents, power supply, books, and stationary items such as notepads, pens and pencils. And the other side will hold the laptop. The bag lays flat so that nothing interferes with either side and TSA can inspect both sides of the case without any hinderance. Finally both bags come with a “Grab n Go” feature. This means the strap is attached on either side in such a way that once the bag passes through screening, you simply pick it up by the strap and be on your way. The ZNCS bag is thin, lightweight, and serves well for those who don’t carry too much, while the CLCS is also lightweight, but packs enough pouches and pockets for all your traveling needs.

Now I go through airport security enough and I’ve had extensive use of the bags and how they perform. So ultimately how did they fare?

CaseLogic TSA Friendly Laptop Bag

The Bang:

Damn well! Getting through TSA checkpoints has never been easier and having these particular bags really shaves off the seconds with their “Grab n Go” feature. My biggest fears (And I expressed this at the meeting at CES) was if a TSA agent would recognize the bag as a "TSA friendly" bag or would they send me through a second screening. However that simply didn’t happen and I had no trouble what so ever getting through any checkpoint. Now the “Grab n Go” is a HUGE plus because you simply grab the strap and go. If you’re a late runner, trying catch that flight, whose doors about to close in just a few minutes, you’ll be grateful to the fact that you don’t have to stop to zip up the case; you just go, go, go! The full case is definitely where it’s at because of all the pockets and pouches, giving you more than enough room to hold just about anything and everything you’ll need for a business trip, or even things you'll need for daily use; doesn’t necessarily have to be travel. Another plus is that the side that holds the laptop is so cushioned you wish you could sleep in there. But your mind will be at ease to know that on those bumpy rides, your laptop is well protected.

The Slack:


CaseLogic TSA Friendly Laptop Bag

I can’t wait until the final additions are added to TOV because soon enough we will have a “TOV Stamp of Approval” and the two bags from CaseLogic, definitely falls in that category. Perfect for travel and perfect for getting through checkpoints; if you’re a frequent traveler and you take your laptop with you, then definitely, absolutely pick up one or both of these bags. Out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the bags a perfect 5 and they’ve been Valkor tested and TOV Approved.