• Cowon CES 2007 Preview

You want small? You want sleek? You want great designs? You want quality sound and picture? Me thinks you want the quality line up that company Cowon has to offer. Walking through their goods, I was most impressed by what they had showing. And so small, who would have thunk. But small is obviously the in thing, no? A few items stood out the most, starting with the Cowon A3 Extreme PMP. Right off the bat you can dive right into this player and maneuver through the many options with ease. It’s able to play a most if not all video formats including divx, ASF, and WMV (and tons more trust me). It also has TV out so you can plug this baby to your TV and watch it on the big screen, a 4” wide screen display, it does mpeg 4 recordings from your TV, does MP3, does document viewing… the only thing this baby can’t do is the dishes. And I wouldn’t be surprised if t does that too! If you want something with a bit more oomph! Try the Cowon Q5 Premium PMP which does what its little brother does; toss in windows CE, bluetooth, wi-fi, a 5” widescreen and tons more. But wait there’s more!!! How about MP3s? We have the iAudio X5. Sleek design, great functionality, and plays tons of audio formats, plus video too, with a hefty hard drive (up to 60 gigs) all in a sleek little package, you cannot go wrong with this. The same can be said for the D2 premium MP3. Lastly we have the iAudio T2. Now this is one pretty MP3 player. The prettiest MP3 player I have ever seen. It’s small, it functions well and its small screen is easy to ready and easy to scroll through. Keep your eyes on TOV as we will go hands on with these great products.