• Creative CES 2007 Preview

Another fav here at TOV. It seems every time I go to CES I walk away from Creative’s booth with something new and always amazed with what they have showing. This year however it was more of the same of what they had last year. Nothing really new to show off except the X-fi fatality soundcard for games. First off if your not an avid, hardcore gamer, then this card is not for you. I mean yea sure you could get it, but the resources with be wasted. Why get a gamer card if your just gonna play music with it ya? What X-Fi Fatality does is, it takes on full responsibility of sound, freeing up a lot of RAM, processor power, and video card resources so that you can experience the fullest in your games. I was also able to snag an XMOD, which lets you hear your MP3s and downloaded movies the way they are supposed to be heard rather than compressed and muffled. The music samples they played sounded great no doubt but TOV is gonna go extensive on this shortly. One more nugget of a device we’ll be picking up is the Zen V Plus. This tiny mp3 goes up directly with the new Ipod nano and dare I say its better? Design wise I will say yes. Sound wise I will say HELLS YEA! And for such a tiny screen the videos they had shown look great. I don’t see when I will ever have the need to watch videos on that small a screen, but I dig the small size and great sound. Full review is a-comin I guarantee.