• Cygnett Quad Smartphone Case Review

Cygnett Cases Hey gang, Valkor here. And I'm welcoming into the Val-Cave Australian based company Cygnett – makers of all things tech accessories or TechGear if you will. So you recently given and/or received that new, now, hip smartphonephone and/or tablet? You might wanna put a cover on it and I've got four covers for the latest phones out there – the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. They're not just perfect for the holiday season, but for any occasion - either for you or that someone special.

Let's kick things off with cases for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, since that's the one I have in-house.

Workmate – A two piece system featuring a tough exterior but a soft interior, the Workmate provides your phone with the best protection against basic drops, bumps, and spills. Plus it easily allows access to all of the phone's features. I've seen quite a few cracked up phones recently, so this would be the obvious case for anyone looking to protect their device. (Available for the iPhone 5).

Cygnett Cases

Form – This is a simple snap on case that gives the phone some style, while maintaining its slim contours, topping it off with a glossy finish. Comes in Enamel blue, Black, Acorn, White, and Malaga.

Cygnett Cases

Moving on to the iPhone 5; while I don't own an iPhone 5, I have many a friends who do have one and were more than happy to offer up their phone for this review in exchange for the case and for that, I thank you.

UrbanShield – A dual protective system with a plastic inner lining and an aluminum outer finish. The case doesn't add much weight to the phone, while providing your phone with a unique look that's a definite standout. (Available for the GS3)

Cygnett Cases

Clear Polygon (Valkor Favorite) – Much like the Form, this one is all about style – and I really do enjoy the look of this case. It's lightweight, with an awesome prism design that's not only featured on the case, but also imprinted on the screen protector.

Cygnett Cases

Each case comes a few screen protectors and soft cloth for wiping off those annoying smudges and prints. And after putting the cases through their paces, let's see how they fare in the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

Cygnett offers up a wide variety of cases, each with a different degree of protection and their own unique style. The Workmate offers up the best protection while the Clear Polygon gets a nod for it's look. The UrbanShield shines the most (figuratively and literally) and the Form… it's simple and yet very effective. Not only have the cases won me over, but they were also a big hit whith others who were given the chance to check them out. Overall, a great job all around

The Slack:


Cygnett's first round in the Val-Cave has been a successful one and their latest cases – UrbanShield, Workmate, Form, and Clear Polygon not only look great but also does a great job protecting your smartphone from minor scratches to moderate drops. You can find these cases and many others by clicking the Cygnett logo to the right. And out of TOV stars, this set of cases gets an easy 5 star perfect and have been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.