• Dead Space: Downfall Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. It’s been a long while since I dipped into the land of survival horror gaming, but with EA’s Xbox 360/PC/PS3 game “Dead Space”, I’m looking forward to jumping back in, because reviews I’ve been reading have been very positive. And if you haven’t made the decision to get the game, here’s an added incentive, check out the game’s prequel film, a direct to DVD feature, “Dead Space: Downfall”, it’s the bloodiest.

Dead Space: Downfall

The Story

Dead space: Downfall takes place just before the events of the game where the mining crew of the USG Ishimura discover an artifact while checking out what they believe to be an uninhabited planet. But once the artifact’s onboard, all bloody hell breaks loose. Crew members start going insane, people end up dying, and there are weird creatures looming the halls. There’s conflict amongst the crew as to what they should do about it, eventually a handful of crew members investigate what’s going on; only then do we find out the fate of the Ishimura.

DS: Downfall is a mix of CGI and 2-D animation, running about 75 minutes and it’s definitely a mind trip once things really get going.

Dead space: Downfall

The Good:

First off the plot is pretty straightforward. If you’ve been following the development of the game, then you should have no problem diving into the film, which is also uber gory, but in a good way. It starts out a little slow, but builds to intensity towards. People are sliced, diced, filleted, what have you; there are scenes that make you yell “DAMN THAT’S NASTY!!” The same can be said for the action, as it really gets going up till the end.

Dead space: Downfall

The Bad:

The film has some pacing problems in the beginning, but if you can wade it out, you’re treated to balls out action. Also the CGI and 2-D animation isn’t that hot. I mean from what I’ve seen of the game, it looks amazing, but you’d think EA would have tossed in some extra loot to bump up the stiff animation and add some more detail to the CGI. Also the voicework is just so-so. I mean they put too much emphasis at times when they don’t need it and too little in areas where they do.

The Ugly:

OK the film is seriously rated R, lots of blood and gore, but Vincent (who is a woman), is really hot, but we only get some cleavage, no full on boob. Yet in one scene we get a fat, naked guy with his junk floppin’ about. COME ON!

Dead space: Downfall

Though it has some faults, EA’s Dead Space: Downfall, is loads of fun and really sets the mood for the game, with lots of bloody, gory goodness to get you amped! Personally, I’m getting this game, no doubt! Out of 5 stars, I’m giving Dead Space: Downfall 3 stars. And it’s been Valkor tested, TOV approved.