The Devil's Tomb DVD Review

Hey what’s up this is Ace reviewing the Devil’s Tomb. Devil’s Tomb is a horror sci-fi film from director Jason Connery starring “Mister Show Me The Money” Cuba Gooding Jr. This movie has a lot of plots and twists which will engage the casual horror film fan. There have been so many, many lackluster horror films of recent even though there have been a couple of decent ones. In my opinion, this horror film is one of the better ones you’ll see for 2009.

The Devil's Tomb

The Devil’s Tomb starts in the desert in where gun-ho soldiers are briefed on a mission to save a scientist named Wesley (Ron Pearlman). His daughter Elissa (Valerie Cruz) brings them into an underground lair where the rescue mission turns horribly wrong. I won’t go too much into it to ruin the rest of the movie for those who want to see it. The rescue team consists of Mack (Cuba Gooding Jr.), Blakely (Ray Whitestone), Taryn Manning (Doc), Frankie G (Hammer), Jason London (Hicks), Brandon Hobbs (Click), and Stephanie Jacobson (Yoshi). Now I will say that Cuba Gooding Jr. fits oddly amongst this group of actors. He looks like he should be in the starring role of a military movie like Jughead or something Oscar winning while the others seem to fit this movie quite well. It is a shame especially since he was already in the classic film Men of Honor with Robert DeNiro as far as military acting roles are concerned. If I ever see him, I will personally tell him why go through the trouble to be in a movie like this? Then again, he has done movies like “Snow dogs” which in my opinion brought him down for good when he wants to be A- actor status! He could definitely do a lot better ! A LOT BETTER!!! There are some parts of the movie which are sketchy such as the random flashbacks of Mack, and the odd intimate relationships, that magically come to light especially when it gets towards the end! But overall, it doesn’t hurt the movie too much in where I have to completely trash it like I did Backwoods!!

The Devil's Tomb


This movie actually has some surprises and can freak out some viewers!!!! Ron Pearlman’s acting skills is Bause!!!!


The supporting acts acting tends to be crappy!!!!

The Devil's Tomb


I like girl on girl scenes but the thought of comforting someone and sucking a lesion on the neck is not sexy!!! Oh yeah and the random display of affection by show of vomit!!

The Devil's Tomb

This is not original like the first Saw nor is it crappy and over-hyped like the Blair Witch Project!! I liked Final Destination and The Collector better to be honest. This is a good horror film not the best of the year but certainly not as corny as The House On the Left!! This movie, if you are extremely picky with horror films, does have some nice twists and turns, and is worth a look. I rate it a 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Devil's Tomb


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