• Dolby CES 2007 Preview

Yet another TOV CES favorite and also a lot of fun to drop in on, Dolby means to show the world that they really are number one when it comes to surround sound. If you don’t know who Dolby is by now then you must literally live under a rock, or mentally stuck in some weird time warp, either way Dolby is the shiz in surround sound You can find the technology in most if not all of today’s movies, current gaming, PCs, televisions, stereos, and so on and so on. Their area literally covered the entire audio spectrum that I just mentioned. When I first visited the Dolby booth in 2004, I never realized just how far the technology went. Headphones, speakers, car stereos, and even if you buy a PQI MPack800 PMP you get Dolby digital sound. Dolby’s latest technology deals with the newest model televisions on the market. Many new flat panel tv sets come with Dolby virtual surround sound. Now what if you can factor in a pair of standard headsets? Dolby is making it so. With a new Dolby tuner, if you have anything Dolby on your TV, it will automatically make any headset surround sound. SWEET! I love this new technology so much I’m gonna freakin marry it! Also on hand at the Dolby booth was a room showing off True HD, which is currently available in the newest Blu-ray and HD-DVD sets. I experienced this last year; I love the way True HD sound and I wish they had more extensive vids to show it off. Plus unlike last year they did not have the chairs that moved with the video, which would have been perfect for say a Batman Begins demo. Also the demo disc was the exact same disc as last year’s. But overall I am always impressed with Dolby. How can anyone not be really?